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Title II, Part B--Mathematics and Science Partnerships



Title II, Part B--Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP) requires TEA to administer competitive grants to eligible partnerships between institutions of higher education (IHEs) and local education agencies (LEAs) designed to improve the academic achievement of elementary and secondary school students by increasing instructional quality. Eligible partnerships provide professional development and support to math and science educators by bringing together classroom teachers and scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to increase teacher content knowledge and teaching skills.

Specific requirements of the Title II, Part B legislation can be found on the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) MSP website.   


To be eligible, a potential grantee project must consist of a partnership between the engineering, mathematics or science department of an IHE and one or more high-need LEAs. A high-need LEA in Texas is one in which 40% or more of the students are eligible for free/reduced lunch. Additional eligibility requirements are detailed in each Request for Application (RFA) released by TEA.


All MSP-funded projects are required to report annually to USDE through TEA, using the online Federal Annual Performance Report, which collects data on increases in teacher content knowledge, student performance on state assessments, and program evaluation designs. Grantees report semi-annually to TEA. 

Current MSP-funded projects include:

Funding Information

Federal formula grant based on student population and poverty rates.

  • 2011 Title II, Part B award to Texas: $17,633,540
  • 2010 Title II, Part B award to Texas: $17,957,437
  • Total funding for years 2005-2011: $124,086,649

Laws and Rules



  • Tydings Waiver Request

    Texas is requesting a Tydings Waiver to extend the Title II Part B funds until July 31, 2012, to continue the support of the Secondary Mathematics Teacher Support Program.  


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