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Optional Extended Year Program



**Note: The budget for this grant program expired and is no longer funded.**

The Optional Extended Year Program (OEYP) provides additional support and instruction for students in:

  • Kindergarten through Grade 11 who have been identified as not likely to be promoted to the next grade by the next school year
  • Students in Grade 12 who have been identified as unlikely to graduate before the next school year.

The goals of OEYP are to:

  • increase academic skills
  • reduce student retention

 OEYP enables districts to provide services through extended day, extended-week, or extended-year programs.

  • Students are allowed a maximum of 30 instructional days of service with OEYP.
  • All teachers are required to participate in professional development for accelerated learning and research based strategies for working with at-risk students.
  • Transportation must be provided.
  • Parent involvement is a required program component.

Proven Dropout Prevention Strategy

The Texas Education Agency focuses state and federal resources on identifying and replicating proven strategies for dropout prevention and recovery. OEYP provides targeted academic support to address skill gaps and enrich the learning environment for students who are off track and struggling. 


  • Districts are eligible for funding if at least 40% of their students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 are educationally disadvantaged.
  • Applicant district must agree to:
    • Serve 5% of their at-risk population as specified on the OEYP application,
    • Ensure that each OEYP class will be taught by a teacher who has completed successfully a program that provides training to teach an OEYP class
    • Not serve more than 16 students in an OEYP classroom. 


  • 556 districts received 2009-2010 OEYP funding
  • 187,951 students served
  • Allocation ranges from $351,000-$1,058,000
  • 90.16% of students served were promoted
  •  OEYP was evaluated in 2004 by TEA. Program impact on retention was not proven in the findings and the overall evaluation revealed mixed results.
  • There has not been an external evaluation of OEYP since 2004. All data is self-reported by districts.
  • The legislature has not authorized a state-level evaluation of OEYP.

Funding Information

Funding for FY2011 was eliminated as a result of the five percent biennial reduction.

  •  FY2008 - $15,300,000
  •  FY2009 - $15,300,000
  •  FY2010 - $15,300,000

Laws and Rules


 Division of Federal and State Education Policy

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