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P-16 Policy


Texas P-16 Policy and Legislation

Office of the Governor

Executive Order RP53 - December 16, 2005
Relating to the creation of college readiness standards and programs for Texas public school students. 

Legislation Related to P-16 Education

HB 2237, 80th Legislature (2007)
Relating to grants and programs for dropout prevention, high school success, and college and workforce readiness in public schools. 
HB 3826, 80th Legislature (2007)
Relating to high school curriculum requirements for admission to public institutions of higher education and to the admission to public institutions of higher education of the children of certain public servants killed in the line of duty.

HB 3826 Frequently Asked Questions 
HB 3826 requires students to meet certain thresholds in order to be considered for admissions to any general academic teaching institution, including those with open enrollment policies.  The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board issued a clarification memorandum regarding the Texas Uniform Admission Policy on December 18, 2009.   
HB 3851, 80th Legislature (2007)
Relating to the admission of high school graduates and undergraduate transfer students to certain institutions of higher education, the computation of a student's high school grade point average for purposes of determining eligibility for admission, and policies to promote the admission of undergraduate transfer students.
SB 282, 80th Legislature (2007)
Relating to notice regarding the availability of programs under which a student may earn college credit in public schools.
HB 1, 79th Legislature, Third Called Session (2006)  
Relating to public school finance, property tax relief, and related matters; making an appropriation. 
House Bill 1 (HB 1) Information
Information regarding the implementation of HB 1 by TEA. 
HB 2109, 79th Legislature, Regular Session (2005)
Relating to the Early High School Graduation Scholarship program. 
SB 1227, 79th Legislature, Regular Session, Section 9, and Sections 20-28 (2005)
Relating to public and private postsecondary educational institutions, including enrollment in those educational institutions, payment of the costs of attending those educational institutions, and financial aid and other measures to assist students to pay those costs. 
SB 976, 78th Legislature, Regular Session (2003)
Relating to high school completion and the creation of certain college education pilot programs.

HB 400, 77th Legislature, Regular Session (2001)
Relating to assisting prospective students in enrolling in institutions of higher education.

HB 400 Implementation Information
Provides details and instructions regarding implementation of HB 400.  To top

Legislation Related to the Texas P-16 Council

SB 286, 78th Legislature, Regular Session, Sections 16-17 (2003)
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. 
HB 2808, 79th Legislature, Regular Session (2005)
Relating to the P-16 Council and to the functioning of certain educational programs. 
SB 23, 79th Legislature, Regular Session (2005)
Relating to subsidized child-care services and early childhood care and education program coordination. 
SB 1146, 79th Legislature, Regular Session (2005)
Relating to an early college education program to provide at-risk and other students accelerated high school graduation and college credit.  To top


Department of State Initiatives
P-16 Initiatives  

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