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Target Tech in Texas (T3) Grant Timeline


The Texas Education Agency distributed a portion of its discretionary funds through the Target Tech in Texas (T3) Collaborative Grant. The purpose of the Target Tech in Texas (T3) grant is to stimulate the use of educational technology to improve teaching and learning.

The important dates from the beginning of the T3 Collaborative Grant are listed below. 

Application available No longer available
Texas Register Notice Date of Publication  04/24/09
Notice of Intent Due Date  05/29/09
Application Due Date  07/09/09
Reporting Requirement Reporting PeriodDue Date
First Interim Expenditure Report 10/01/09-12/30/0901/10/10
First Interim Progress Report 10/01/09-12/30/0901/10/10
Second Interim Expenditure Report 01/01/10-03/30/1004/10/10
Second Interim Progress Report 01/01/10-03/30/1004/10/10
Third Interim Expenditure Report 04/01/10-06/30/1007/10/10
Third Interim Progress Report04/01/10-06/30/1007/10/10
Fourth Interim Expenditure Report 07/01/10-09/30/1010/10/10
Fourth Interim Progress Report07/01/10-09/30/1010/10/10
Fifth Interim Expenditure Report 10/01/10-12/30/1001/10/11
Fifth Interim Progress Report 10/01/10-12/30/1001/10/11
Sixth Interim Expenditure Report 01/01/11-03/30/1104/10/11
Sixth Interim Progress Report01/01/11-03/30/1104/10/11
Seventh Interim Expenditure Report04/01/11-06/30/1107/10/11
Seventh Interim Progress Report04/01/11-06/30/1107/10/11
Eighth Interim Expenditure Report07/01/11-09/30/1110/10/11
Eighth Interim Progress Report07/01/11-09/30/1110/10/11
Final Expenditure Report07/01/11-09/30/1110/30/11
Final Evaluation Report07/01/11-09/30/1110/30/11

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