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Completed Studies


Educator Certification and Standards conducts studies about teacher demographics, teacher attrition and retention, teacher shortages, Mathematics and Science teachers and administrators in Texas. Additional reports will be posted on this page when they become available.

Teacher Demographics

Employed Teacher Demographics 2008-2012

Certified Teacher Demographics by Preparation Route 2008-2012

Certified Teacher Ages by Preparation Route 2008-2012

Teacher Attrition and Retention

Employed Teacher Attrition and New Hires 2003-2012

Certified Teachers by Preparation Route 2008-2012

Employment of Certified Teachers 2008-2012

Teacher Retention by Route 2008-2012

Teacher Attrition by District Size 2009-2012

Teacher Shortages

Out-of-Field Teacher Credentials 2010-2012

Uncertified Teachers 2008-2012

Mathematics and Science Teachers

Mathematics and Science Teacher Demographics 2003-2012

Mathematics and Science Certificates by Field and Level 2010-2012

Experience of Math and Science Teachers 2008-2012

Teacher Appraisals

Teacher Evaluation systems 2010-2011

Teacher Evaluation Uses 2010-2011

Teacher Evaluation Include Student Performance 2010-2011

Teacher Proficiency Numbers Rates 2010-2011 

Teacher Proficiency Public Reporting 2010-2011


Certified Principal Demographics by Preparation Route 2008-2012

Certified Superintendent Demographics by Preparation Route 2008-2012

Administrator Experience 2008-2012

Employed Principal Demographics 2008-2012

Administrator Appraisals

Principal Evaluation Systems 2010-2011

Principal Evaluation Uses 2010-2011

Principal Evaluations Include Student Performance 2010-2011

Principal Proficiency Numbers Rates 2010-2011

  Historical Data

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