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Formula Funding Program Information


Federal Programs:

Carl D Perkins
No Child Left Behind 
Rural and Low Income
School Improvement Program/School Improvement Academy
Special Education/Deaf Services

State Programs:

Grant for Student Clubs Program
Life Skills Parenting Program
Optional Extended Year Program
PreKindergarten Early Start Grant (TIER II)
RC Byrd Scholarships
Student Success Initiative Program

Texas Fitness Now Program

American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) 2009

Recent News and Announcements

For Section 1512 Quarterly Reporting the Contact Information:  

  1. NCLB ARRA (including Title II Part D ARRA Formula funding) reporting questions at (512) 463-9374 or  
  2. Title II Part D ARRA Competitive funding reporting questions at (512) 463-9400 or  
  3. IDEA ARRA reporting questions at (512) 463-9414 or 
  4. SFSF for reporting questions at (512) 936-3647 or

Other - U.S. Department of Education (USDE) federal grant opportunity:
Improving Literacy Through School Libraries State Programs (LSL) - local educational agencies (LEAs), including open-enrollment charter schools, may apply directly to the USDE for the LSL grant if they meet the eligibility requirement of at least 20 percent of the students served from families with incomes below the poverty line.  In the following reports, the Texas Education Agency has provided a listing of LEAs with the most recent computed poverty percentage.

FY 2011 Poverty Percentage by Local Educational Agency Name (pdf)
FY 2011 Poverty Percentage by County District Number (pdf)

For further information about the LSL grant link to the USDE website at


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