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District Awards for Teacher Excellence (D.A.T.E.)

This is an exciting opportunity for districts, teachers and communities to mobilize around a common agenda – improving instructional quality and teacher efficiency to increase student achievement.

In May 2006, the 79th Legislature passed House Bill 1, which included the District Awards for Teacher Excellence, commonly referred to as DATE. The purpose of DATE is to allow districts to create or continue a system of awards for educators who demonstrate success in improving student achievement. The grant program helps districts to create a local award plan or to implement the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP).

Non-Competitive Grant

DATE is a non-competitive grant available to all school districts that complete the required notice of intent to apply, participate in technical assistance, comply with program timelines and activities and submit a completed grant application. Funds will be awarded based on the average daily attendance (ADA) of the participating districts.

At least 60% of the grant funds must be used to reward teachers and principals who positively impact student academic improvement, growth, and/or achievement. The remaining funds may be used for other allowable activities including stipends and awards for identified teachers, principals, mentors, instructional coaches and master teachers. In addition, these funds may be used for professional development, increasing local data capabilities to support instruction and accountability, and implementing elements of the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP).

We look forward to your participation in this exciting program to help our school districts attract, retain and develop quality teachers while improving student performance and narrowing the achievement gap.

Grant Information and Resources

DATE Eligibility Lists

DATE Cycle 1, Year 1 Eligibility List
DATE Cycle 1, Year 2 Eligibility List

DATE Cycle 1, Year 3 Eligibility List
DATE Cycle 2, Year 1 Eligibility List

For D.A.T.E. information and updates please visit D.A.T.E. Technical Assistance.

DATE 1 Grantees, to stay informed, select DATE Listserv.
DATE 2 Grantees, to stay informed, select D.A.T.E. 2 Listerv.

For more information on the following, please visit:

For more information about D.A.T.E., please contact:

Priscilla Flores at 512/463-2395


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