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Instructional Facilities Allotment (IFA) Program


The IFA program was enacted by House Bill 1 of the 75th Legislature. The program provides assistance to school districts in making debt service payments on qualifying bonds or lease-purchase agreements. Bond or lease-purchase proceeds must be used for the construction or renovation of an instructional facility.  

IFA Program Description (PDF, 31 KB)

Note: A separate program provides additional assistance to school districts for newly constructed instructional facilities during the initial two years of operation. Contingent upon available funding, the New Instructional Facility Allotment (NIFA) program provides support for opening a new campus through a reimbursement of up to $250 per student in average daily attendance in the first year of operation of the new campus, plus up to $250 for each additional student in the second year of operation. Only completely new campuses are eligible for funding. For more information about the program, please visit the website for the NIFA program.

Law and Rules

Descriptions and Requirements


Reports and Tools

Round 10 - (June 15, 2010) Application cycle IFA Awards for 20102011

  • Final Round 10 Ranking (July 30, 2010) (Excel, 109 KB)
  • Final Round 10 Ranking (July 30, 2010) (PDF, 186 KB)
  • Round 10 Funding: $75 million has been appropriated for new awards in the second year of the biennium. The deadline for applications was 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 15, 2010. 
    Notice: Round 10 is now closed. Applications received after the deadline will receive consideration during the subsequent round. Please see the above link for a list of districts that applied for IFA funds, their wealth rankings, and their provisional award status. Districts that have been conditionally approved to receive IFA funds will be sent a preliminary Notice of Allotment (NOA) by mid-August.

Historical Rankings by Rounds

Please note: These are the final rankings of the eligible IFA applications for Rounds 8 and 9. For Round 9, the first list of applications is sorted first by the funded status and then by wealth  ranking. The second list of applications is sorted alphabetically by district name. For Round 8, applications appearing in the shaded portion of the “IFA eligible” worksheet were NOT funded, but were retained for consideration during the Round 9 cycle. The worksheet labeled “No longer IFA eligible” lists applications that were not considered for IFA because of full or partial funding via the Existing Debt Allotment. The last worksheet lists invalid applications.


For additional information, contact:

State Funding Division
Jacquie Pree
(512) 475-1217  

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