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    New Instructional Facility Allotment (NIFA) Program


    The Texas Education Code (TEC), §42.158, enacted by Senate Bill 4 of the 76th Texas Legislature, 1999, created the New Instructional Facility Allotment (NIFA) for public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools. The NIFA is provided for operational expenses associated with the opening of a new instructional facility and is available to all public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools that construct new instructional facilities that meet the requirements of the statute and rules.

    NIFA Program Description

    Law and Rules
    Foundation School Program (FSP) System Online NIFA Training

    20092010 NIFA Information

    The 2009–2010 NIFA application cycle is now closed. 2009–2010 NIFA applications have been processed, and preliminary awards have been posted to the Summary of Finances.

    20082009 NIFA Information

    The 20082009 NIFA application cycle is closed. The first of the following documents provides information concerning the 20082009 preliminary NIFA allocations, and the second shows district-level 20082009 award amounts.

    For more information, please contact Cassie Huggins of the State Funding Division at (512) 463-9232 or

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