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Health Education


This site will provide you with information on curriculum, rules, and news. We welcome any suggestions you may have that will improve this site for individuals working to provide high quality Health Education programs for students. Join our mailing list and receive updates. 

The Health & Physical Education Unit in the Division of Curriculum, provides direction and leadership to Health Education programs, Kindergarten-Grade 12. Unit staff assist districts statewide with implementation of the TEKS and assist the Textbook division in overseeing the textbook adoption process for K-12 Health Education instructional materials. 

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Health Education 19 TAC Chapter 115  


Correspondence Regarding Middle and Junior High School Health Education Instruction and Coordinated School Health Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

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Barney Fudge
Statewide Coordinator, Health and Safety
Texas Education Agency
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701-1401
(512) 463-9581

ESC Representatives

School Health Specialists

Curriculum Division
(512) 463-9581  

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