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Requirements for Renewing My Standard Certificate

Standard certificates were first issued on Sept. 1, 1999, and replaced the lifetime provisional certificates. Texas no longer issues lifetime provisional certificates. An educator with a standard certificate in Texas is required to renew his or her standard certificate(s) every five years. New requirements for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) are in effect as of September 1, 2013, see question 15 on the FAQ. 

Frequently asked renewal questions (FAQs)

Standard certificates include: 

  • Educational Aides 
  • Classroom Teachers 
  • Professional Certificates such as; Principal, Superintendent, Reading Specialist, Master Teacher, Educational Diagnostician, School Librarian and School Counselor.

The renewal requirement of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is 150 clock hours for classroom teachers, and 200 clock hours for educators who hold professional certificate(s). 

Dyslexia CPE training is required for educators who teach students with dyslexia and must include new research and practices in educating students with dyslexia. Required training may be satisfied through an online course approved by Texas Education Agency staff.

Educational Aides are not required to complete CPE clock hours.

CPE (professional development) hours may be obtained online or in person through an approved CPE Provider:  

How do I keep track of my CPE clock hours and what CPE clock hours count toward standard certificate renewal: 

How to apply to renew my Standard Certificate:

An educator may apply online and pay to renew their Standard Certificate(s) as early as six months prior to the expiration date of their Standard Certificate(s). Educators will be notified six months prior to the expiration date of their Standard Certificate(s). 

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