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Charter Schools

To further promote local initiative, the 1995 revision of the Texas Education Code established a new type of public school, known as a charter school. Charter schools are subject to fewer state laws than other public schools with the idea of ensuring fiscal and academic accountability without undue regulation of instructional methods or pedagogical innovation. Like school districts, charter schools are monitored and accredited by the state. 

According to the Texas Education Code, the purposes of charter schools are to:

  1. improve student learning;
  2. increase the choice of learning opportunities within the public school system;
  3. create professional opportunities that will attract new teachers to the public school system;
  4. establish a new form of accountability for public schools; and
  5. encourage different and innovative learning methods.


  • A schedule (PDF, 62KB) for the Generation 19 interviews is now available. The charter interviews will be available via webcast.
  • The charter school orientation is available via a web-based format. The modules may be viewed on the Orientation page.  
  • Be advised that the process for establishing a nonprofit entity is completed directly with the Internal Revenue Service and is a lengthy process. The estimated time may be as long as 18 months. A 501(c)(3) determination letter must be submitted with the application in order for the application to be found complete.

Resources for Parents and Students 

Information for past, current, and prospective charter school students and their parents.

Resources for Charter School Personnel

Information and guidance for current charter school administration and staff.

Resources for Charter School Applicants

Application and orientation information for prospective charter school operators.

Other Resources


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