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Curriculum Programs - Texas-Spain Initiatives




This site will provide you with information on various programs and resources available as a result of this unique partnership between the education communities in Texas and Spain. We welcome any suggestions you may have that will improve this site.


The partnership between the Texas Education Agency and the Ministry of Education of Spain began in 1987 with the implementation of the Summer Institutes program, and was further validated with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 1997 and again in 2005.The MOU is scheduled to be renewed again in 2010.

The Education Office of the Embassy of Spain has been working to promote collaboration with state education agencies and local school districts throughout the United States for decades. The results of these efforts include the creation of Spanish Resource Centers in partnership with American universities; the implementation of visiting teacher programs (in 20 states); and development of other education programs that involve American students and teachers and that promote the teaching of Spanish as a second language including a better understanding of the Spanish language and culture.


Products of this cooperation include a Resource Center for teachers at Rice University in Houston, summer institutes for Texas teachers held at universities in Spain, a teacher exchange program, a visiting Spanish consultant at the Agency, and a number of other educational programs designed to improve and expand the teaching of the Spanish language and culture in Texas, as well as the teaching of the English language and culture in Spain. Hundreds of Spanish and Texas teachers have benefited every year from the richness and quality of these exchange programs. The Texas-Spain Visiting Teacher Program has brought hundreds of teachers to Texas school districts since 1998.


The award of partial scholarships and full scholarships has been facilitated by the Embassy of Spain on an annual basis for both teachers and students.  This includes the prestigious $14,000 Quetzal Route Scholarship that is awarded to several Texas high school students. Each year two teachers are also recognized by the Texas Foreign Language Association and the Texas Association of Bilingual Educators and awarded full scholarships to travel and study in Spain. This year, a high school student was awarded a full scholarship for travel and study in Spain as well.

New Endeavors

The AP Spanish Language Courses, the Teacher Assistant Program, The Spanish Academies Program (or the Language Training Programs for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language or Spanish speakers) are examples of new programs that are being introduced as a result of this collaboration and that will be added to the programs now recognized as part of the Texas-Spain Initiatives.


Summer Institutes 2011

International Spanish Academies

Professional Development

Spanish Language and Culture Courses for Teachers and Educators

LOTE Teacher Competencies for Professional Development

Houston ISD International Spanish Academies

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Jose Aurelio Llaneza, Asesor Técnico/Education Advisor, Spain
REGION XIII Education Service Center
5701 Springdale Road
Austin , TX 78723
Phone: 512 919 5130 - Fax: 512 919 5320

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