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ARRA - Grant Remaining Balances by Grantee


One of the guiding principles of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), established by Congress and President Obama and reinforced by the U.S. Secretary of Education, is that ARRA grant funds be spent quickly to save and create jobs.

The ARRA Grants with Remaining Balances by Grantee Report

There are nine months remaining for grants with an award end date of September 30, 2011.  For the past year TEA had been posting the ARRA and Comparable Non-ARRA Grants with Reimbursements by Grantee report.  This report tracked the rate at which school districts and charter holders drew down their ARRA grant funds and the funds from the non-ARRA or “regular” grants for the same programs.  Beginning in November 2010, TEA is using a new format to report on ARRA grant fund expenditures.  The new report, ARRA Grants with Remaining Balances by Grantee, focuses only on the ARRA grant funds awarded to grantees and their respective remaining balances rather than cumulative draw downs.

The new report identifies the following for each grantee:  the specific ARRA grant award, the respective grant end date, grant funds remaining, and the percentage of grant funds remaining.  In addition, the report summarizes each grantee’s total ARRA grant awards and the total percent of ARRA grant funds remaining.  The report will continue to be created monthly and will reflect the ARRA grant funds awarded to grantees as of the “report run date” shown at the top of the page.

Report Versions (data as of February 1, 2012)

Report in PDF format with information sorted in five different ways:  organized alphabetically by grantee, by regional Education Service Center (ESC), by Texas House district, by Texas Senate district and by State Board of Education (SBOE) district.

Report in Excel format with information sorted in five different ways:  by grantee, by ESC, by Texas House district, by Texas Senate district and by SBOE district.

To understand the context of these reports, please note the following:

Shared Services Arrangement (SSA) Fiscal Agent:

An “X” in this column of the report indicates that the grantee is the fiscal agent for an SSA. When this is true, the figures in the Amount Awarded and the Award Amount Remaining columns reflect the amounts for the entire membership of the SSA. Consequently, the members of the SSA are not listed individually on this report.  ESCs serve as fiscal agents for some ARRA grants.  When this is the case, the ESC is included in this report.

ARRA Grant Awards:

A grantee may have applied for an ARRA grant that is not included in this report because the Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) was not issued by the “report run date”.  For example, TEA is in the process of awarding grants for two ARRA grant programs for the 2010-2011 school year: Title XIV, State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF) (Year 2) and Title I, School Improvement Grant (SIG) (Texas Title I Priority Schools).

Award Amount Remaining:

The figures in this column of the report reflect the total award amount remaining after subtracting the reimbursements TEA has actually paid to each grantee. At the time the report is run, some reimbursement requests submitted by grantees may still be moving through the approval and payment process and will not be reflected in these totals. Requests for reimbursements that meet all approval requirements are normally paid within three business days. Additionally, a grantee may have expended funds but not yet submitted a reimbursement request to TEA.

ARRA Grant End Dates and Program Descriptions


Grant Title    Grant End Date
IDEA-B Formula - ARRA 9/30/2011
IDEA-B Preschool - ARRA 9/30/2011
Title I, Part A - ARRA 9/30/2011
Title I, Part D, Subpart 2 - ARRA 9/30/2011
Title I, School Improvement Grant (SIG) (Texas Title I Priority Schools)       6/30/2013
Title I, SIP - ARRA (campuses exiting SIP)1 8/5/2010
Title I, SIP - ARRA (campuses with SIP)2    9/30/2010
Title I, SIP - ARRA (Carryover Funds Only)  9/30/2011
Title II, Part D, Discretionary - ARRA    9/30/2011
Title II, Part D, Formula - ARRA 9/30/2011
Title XIV, Stabilization - ARRA (Year 1)3 9/30/2011
Title XIV, Stabilization - ARRA (Year 2) 9/30/2011
Education Jobs Fund 9/30/2012


 Title I SIP – ARRA: Any SIP campus that exits school improvement status upon the release of AYP on August 5, 2010, may not expend SIP ARRA funds after that date.  TEA is in the process of determining how unexpended funds will be used.

2 Title I SIP – ARRA: Unexpended funds from the 2009-2010 Title I SIP – ARRA grant program will become available as carryover funds in the 2010-2011 Title I SIP ARRA grant program.  These funds must be expended by September 30, 2011.  

3 Title XIV, Stabilization (SFSF): The grant end date has been extended to September 30, 2011. 

Summary Analysis of ARRA Grants with Remaining Balances by Grant Program Report

The Summary Analysis report provides the data on remaining balances by grant program for the state as a whole.  The total amount of awards and remaining balances are provided for each ARRA grant.  The percent of an award remaining for grantees is aggregated for all grantees across the state and categorized to give an overview of the remaining balances for each grant program.

Please note:

ARRA Section 1512 Quarterly Reports submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and posted on are separate from this monthly report generated by TEA.

Page last modified on 2/8/2012 04:04:02 PM.