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Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI) and Tejas Lee


The Texas Primary Reading Initiative (TPRI) is a valid and reliable assessment tool that provides a comprehensive picture of a student’s reading/language arts development. Designed to be used with students in Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 the TPRI offers a balanced and reliable approach to reading instruction. The TPRI covers all five of the domains of reading required to qualify for the Reading First Program under No Child Left Behind. As a research-based classroom assessment tool, the TPRI helps states meet all of the critical funding requirements.

The TPRI is a one-on-one instrument designed to be administered by the classroom teacher. At all four grade levels, the TPRI consists of both a Screening Section and an Inventory Section. Screening provides an easy way to identify students who are likely to experience success in reading so that time can be spent gathering more detailed information for the student who may be likely to need instructional intervention. The Inventory engages the student with inviting tasks and entertaining stories, while giving the teacher an opportunity to gather more data to help match reading instruction with specific student needs. Once each student’s needs have been identified, the Intervention Activities Guide gives the teacher effective instructional activities appropriate for each student, based on individual student needs.

“El Inventario de Lectura en Español de Tejas” (Tejas LEE) is a valid and reliable assessment tool that measures a student’s reading and comprehension skills in Spanish. The instrument is designed for use with students in Kindergarten through Grade 3 who receive primary instruction in Spanish. Tejas Lee allows teachers to identify early reading difficulties or risks for reading difficulties in Spanish at an early age (Grades K-3).

Anyone outside of Texas Public Schools and TEA-approved charter schools can purchase TPRI and Tejas Lee by visiting the following website: and selecting “Purchasable Products”. 

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