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Texas Industry Specific English Second Language Curriculum (TISESL)


TISESL is a comprehensive set of instructional resources designed to introduce beginning and intermediate English language learners to vocabulary in three industry sectors, healthcare, sales and service, and manufacturing, and to employability skills in general.

TISESL responds to the needs of adults with limited English proficiency and to the needs of three industry sectors in which many adults seek entry level employment. Materials are based on principles of adult learning, employ a five step model for language development, and respond to the Texas Adult Education Content Standards and Benchmarks for ESL learners.

Materials for each industry sector consist of four modules with five lessons in each module. Each lesson covers approximately ten hours of instruction. The instructor’s training manual and the teacher lesson plans include Scope and Sequence charts for each module and a total of 200 hours of instruction in ESL, industry-related math, technology, and employability.

Additional supplements include communication scenarios, student materials, references, a cognate dictionary, vocabulary, and end of lesson assessments.

A stand alone employability component for 60 hours of instruction is also included on the flash drive containing the curriculum. Student recruitment and orientation materials for each industry sector as well as suggestions for establishing internships are also provided.

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