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Alternative Compensatory Education Allotment Reporting Procedures

School districts and charter schools that do not participate in the National School Lunch Program and do not have their income-eligible students reported to the Texas Education Agency through the Child Nutrition Programs administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture may report their eligible students through the alternative compensatory education reporting system. The commissioner’s rules require that school districts and charter schools document the eligibility of students reported through the alternative program and provide for routine audits of that documentation. 

Law and Rules 

Correspondence to Affected School Districts and Charter Schools

Sample Letter to Households and Form and Instructions for Compensatory Education Funding Qualification 20132014 

Basic Monthly Claim 

Form Name Excel Version PDF Version
October 2011 Through September 2012 Form SF-142R07 Excel, 32 KB PDF, 34 KB
October 2010 Through September 2011 Form SF-142R07 Excel, 31 KB PDF, 24 KB
October 2009 Through September 2010 Form SF-142R07 Excel, 71 KB PDF, 83 KB


Foundation School Program (FSP) System Training 


For additional information, contact:

Office of State Funding
Ashley Behnke
(512) 463-4834

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