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House Bill 400 - Plans to Increase Enrollment in Institutions of Higher Education



House Bill 400 (HB 400), passed by the 77th Texas Legislature in 2001, requires certain school districts to develop partnerships with nearby colleges and universities for the purposes of increasing the number of graduating seniors who enroll in higher education.


Provisions of this bill apply to school districts with 1 or more high schools that:

  • During the preceding 5 years have an average of at least 26 students in the high school graduating class
  • For any 2 consecutive years during the preceding 5 years, have been among the lowest 10% of high schools in this state in the percentage of students graduating from the high school and enrolling for the following academic year in an institution of higher education (Texas Education Code 29.904)

TEA will notify districts which are required to develop a partnership and plan. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) will notify each public institution of higher education in closest geographic proximity to the identified districts.

Information for Plan Partners

Requirements for the plans:

  • Must establish clear, achievable goals for increasing the percentage of the school district's graduating seniors who in enroll in an institution of higher education for the academic year following graduation.
  • Must establish an accurate method of measuring progress toward these goals. This may include the percentage of district high school students and the percentage of students attending a district high school who:
    • Are enrolled in a course for which a student may earn college credit, such as AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) or dual credit courses.
    • Are enrolled in courses that meet the curriculum requirements for the recommended or advanced high school program
    • Have submitted a free application for federal student aid (FAFSA)
    • Are exempt from a board-approved assessment instrument based on Student Success Initiative criteria
    • Have performed successfully on an assessment instrument, such as SAT, ACT, or  End-of-Course assessment instruments
    • Graduate from high school
    • Graduate from an institution of higher education
    • Have taken college entrance examination and the average scores of those students on the examinations
      • Must cover a period of at least five years
      • May be directed at district students at any level of primary or secondary education

The identified school district must file the plan with the commissioner of education and the commissioner of higher education. The plan will be implemented at the beginning of the school year following the year during which the district receives notice of the requirement. A school district may revise the plan as necessary in response to achieving or failing to achieve goals under the plan.

HB 400 District and Campus Information

For a list of affected campuses and districts for 2005-2010, please contact Department of State Initiatives.  


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Department of State Initiatives
Director, Dropout Prevention and College and Career Readiness Initiatives:
Jan Lindsey
Program Specialist: Alison Villarreal

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