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Test Security

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Maintaining the security and confidentiality of the Texas student assessment program is critical for ensuring valid test scores and providing standard and equal testing opportunities for all students.

Maintaining Test Security and Confidentiality

Violation of security or confidentiality of any test required by the Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 39, Subchapter B, is prohibited.  Procedures for maintaining the security and confidentiality of state assessments are specified in the Test Security Supplement and in the appropriate test administration materials.  Conduct that violates the security and confidentiality of a test is defined as any departure from the test administration procedures established in the Test Security Supplement and other test administration materials. 

Reporting Testing Irregularities

Incidents that result in a deviation from documented testing procedures are considered testing irregularities. Irregularities are viewed by TEA as falling into one of two categories – serious and procedural. Serious irregularities constitute severe violations of test security or confidentiality and can result in the individual(s) responsible being referred to the TEA Educator Standards and Certification Legal Division for consideration of disciplinary action (including suspension or revocation of educator certification credentials). Procedural irregularities are less severe, more common, and are typically the result of minor deviations from testing procedures.

Each person participating in the Texas student assessment program is responsible for reporting any violation or suspected violation of test security or confidentiality. Campus staff should notify their campus or district testing coordinator if they witness an irregularity or suspect that one has occurred, and district testing coordinators should notify TEA. The district testing coordinator must contact the TEA Student Assessment Division immediately to report incidents involving alleged or suspected violations that fall under the category of a serious irregularity as soon as the district testing coordinator is made aware of the situation. Testing personnel should contact TEA if they are unsure about whether an irregularity has occurred or if they are unclear regarding what constitutes a serious violation.

Refer to the link below for specific directions on how to report a testing irregularity to TEA and to access the Online Incident Report form




Please forward concerns to to file a complaint pertaining to test security.

For additional information, contact:

Student Assessment Division

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