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Incident Reporting Process

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The online incident reporting process has been designed to provide district testing coordinators, or their designees, with an efficient means to report testing irregularities to TEA. Reporting requirements differ based on the severity of the confirmed or alleged violation(s); however, ALL testing irregularities must be reported through the submission of a Student Assessment Division online incident report form. The contents of the report submitted to TEA must clearly lay out the sequence of events of the testing irregularity and include the district’s determination of what occurred. Beginning in 2014, district officials must additionally complete the Plan of Action section in the Online Incident Report and specify the steps they will take to prevent a re-occurrence of the irregularity. Information provided in district reports, particularly in the Plan of Action, will be used by TEA in an audit of selected districts to verify that they have implemented corrective actions in response to reported irregularities.  

Reporting Serious Irregularities

The district testing coordinator, or his or her designee, is responsible for investigating confirmed or alleged serious testing violations and must notify the TEA Student Assessment Division as soon as the district is made aware of the situation. Depending on the nature and severity of the issue, TEA may request that the district take certain actions, such as interviewing students or interpreting test results, to ensure a thorough and complete investigation. At a minimum, each of the following items must be completed and submitted by the district to fulfill the state’s requirements for reporting serious testing violations.

►  an Online Incident Report

►  the Plan of Action section of the Online Incident Report (describes the steps that a district will take to ensure that the
     irregularity does not reoccur)

►  typed, dated, and signed statement(s) from the individual(s) involved

►  the district’s determination of exactly what happened and why the incident occurred

►  a description of how the incident was resolved

Districts must submit the required information for serious irregularities within ten working days of becoming aware of the violation, or contact the TEA Student Assessment security team to request an extension of the deadline. Additional information regarding the investigation, documentation, and reporting of serious testing irregularities is described in the Test Security Supplement.

Supporting documentation may be attached to the Online Incident Report so all submission requirements can be fulfilled at one time. If the district chooses not to use the attachment feature in the online form, all supporting documentation must be submitted by e-mail to Please make sure to reference the incident identification number that was provided upon the successful submission of the online incident report for any documentation submitted via e-mail.

Reporting Procedural Irregularities

Because procedural irregularities are often the result of minor errors that do not generally represent severe breaches in test security or confidentiality, they require only the submission of an Online Incident Report. New in 2014, districts must complete the Plan of Action as part of the incident report, describing the district’s plan to prevent the re-occurrence of the incident. For these types of irregularities, the district’s reporting obligation is fulfilled once the online submission has been completed. If more information is needed, TEA will notify the district coordinator. Reports for procedural errors must be submitted within ten working days of the district coordinator being made aware of the incident. If more time is needed, coordinators can contact the Student Assessment Division’s security team.
 At a minimum, each of the following items must be completed and submitted by the district to fulfill the state’s requirements for reporting procedural testing violations:

►  an Online Incident Report

►  the Plan of Action section of the Online Incident Report (describes the steps that a district will take to ensure that the
     irregularity does not reoccur)

Guidelines to help assess an incident and ensure proper reporting of procedural irregularities can be found in the Test Security Supplement. 

Online Incident Report Form

To report a testing irregularity, click on the link below.

Online Incident Report Form (external link)

Upon completion of the online form, the district test coordinator will receive confirmation that their report has been accepted, and an incident identification number will be issued for tracking purposes. If districts encounter difficulty using the Online Incident Report Form or need to update information once a report has been submitted, they should contact the Student Assessment security team and reference the incident identification number.

Disciplinary Actions Taken Locally  

In addition to reporting testing irregularities to TEA, districts are required to report disciplinary actions taken locally against educators using the Corrective Action Plan form.  The form may be accessed through the link below, printed, completed, and included in the Online Incident Report form. Districts may contact TEA for directions on how to add it to a previously submitted Online Incident Report form.

Districts are required to report any disciplinary action taken against a student for cheating on a state assessment using the Locally Determined Disciplinary Actions form located on the link provided below.

If you encounter difficulty using the online incident reporting system, please contact a member of the Student Assessment security team at 512-463-9536 for assistance.

For additional information, contact:

Student Assessment Division
1701 North Congress Avenue, Room 3-122A
Austin, Texas 78701 


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