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TAKS Writing Assessments


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Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) measures a student’s mastery of the state-mandated curriculum, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The writing TAKS is administered for grades 4 and 7 in English and grade 4 in Spanish.  The English language arts (ELA) TAKS is administered in grade 10 and exit level.

To view all TAKS resources, visit the TAKS Resources webpage.


Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) compositions will be scored on a four-point scale, with 1 being the lowest score and 4 being the highest. The rubric is based on five criteria—focus and coherence, organization, development of ideas, voice, and conventions—which will be considered equally in the scoring of each composition. The same writing rubric will be used to evaluate TAKS compositions at all grades assessed: Grade 4 English, Grade 4 Spanish, Grade 7, Grade 10, and Grade 11 Exit Level. The only difference between the Spanish and the English-version rubrics is the reference to "conventions of the Spanish language" in the Spanish rubric rather than "conventions of the English language" under Score Point 1. In all cases, scorers will be trained to consider the criteria listed in the rubric in a way that is grade-level appropriate.

TAKS Compositions—Examples of Good Writing

These sample compositions have been provided to help deepen your understanding of the rubric and the variety of approaches that students can take while responding to a TAKS prompt. The names and other identifying information in the compositions have been changed to protect the identity of the student writers.

Scoring Guides

Written composition scoring guides from released tests can be found on the Released TAKS Tests webpage. 

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