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Technical Digest 2007–2008


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The Technical Digest for 2007–2008 is designed primarily as a web-based document. The entire text of the Technical Digest along with the documents referenced and the technical reports in support of information in the Technical Digest are available on the Student Assessment Division website.

Table of Contents/Purpose
Chapter 1: Student Assessment in Texas
Chapter 2: Texas Assessment of Knowledge of Skills (TAKS)
Chapter 3: Assessments for Students with Disabilities
Chapter 4: Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS)
Chapter 5: End-of-Course Assessments
Chapter 6: Annual Test Development Activities
Chapter 7: Test Administration Procedures
Chapter 8: Test Security in Texas
Chapter 9: Quality Control Procedures
Chapter 10: Scores and Reports
Chapter 11: Student Success Initiative (SSI)
Chapter 12: Student Growth Measures
Chapter 13: Sampling
Chapter 14: Standards
Chapter 15: Scaling
Chapter 16: Reliability
Chapter 17: Validity
Chapter 18: Equating
Chapter 19: Performance Assessments Used On TAKS, TAKS (Accommodated), and TAKS–M
Chapter 20: Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) Exit Level
Chapter 21: Resources
Appendix A: TAKS Sample Light Marks Analysis Report
Appendix B: 2008 Scale Distributions and Statistics by Subject Area and Grade
Appendix C: 2008 Mean P-Values by Objective and Subject Area
Appendix D: 2008 Conditional Standard Error
Appendix E: 2008 Classification Accuracy Tables

For additional information, contact:

Student Assessment Division
1701 North Congress Avenue, Room 3-122A
Austin, Texas 78701

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