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Eligibility Requirements for High School Equivalency Testing



Eligibility for high school equivalency testing is established by the Texas Education Code, Section 7.111, which states that a resident of the state who has not graduated from high school is eligible to take the high school equivalency test in accordance with rules promulgated by the State Board of Education. Eligibility requirements for high school equivalency testing are also defined in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part 2, Chapter 89, Subchapter C, Rule §89.43.

In order to take the High School Equivalency tests, an applicant must:

  • Have a government (national or foreign) issued photo ID;
  • Be 18 years of age;
  • Be a resident of the state;
  • Not be enrolled in an accredited high school; and
  • Not be a high school graduate from an accredited high school. 

Government Issued?

Identification must include date of birth, photograph, and signature

Government Issued IDs (national or foreign) include:

 They do not include:
  • School IDs
  • Credit/Debit Cards

State Resident?

For proof of residency, a Texas Driver License or a bill with a Texas address needs to be shown to your testing center.

Not 18?*

You can test at 17, if:     (See Texas Education Code

  •  You have a government (national or foreign) issued photo ID;
  • You are a resident of Texas (See above for Residency Requirements);
  • You are not enrolled in school (you are excepted if you are enrolled in an approved in-school GED preparation program);
  • You are not a high school graduate; and
  • You must have parental/guardian permission.

You can test at 16, if:    (See Texas Education Code)

  • The applicant has a government (national or foreign) issued photo ID;
  • The applicant is a resident of the state (See above for Residency Requirements);
  • In the care of a state agency or under a court order or in a Job Corps training program; and
  • Is not a high school graduate.

*If you are under the age of 18, you are required to attend school (Texas Education Code Chapter 25, Section 25.085) unless you qualify for an exemption (Texas Education Code Chapter 25, Section 25.086).

Texas Education Agency-GED Unit

Suggestions or comments may be submitted to Texas GED Unit


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