2009-2010 Title VI, Part B RLISP Reallocations


Reallocation Amounts

 Reallocation amounts for the 2009-2010 Title VI, Part B Rural and Low-Income School  Program (RLISP)Grant Application are available and may be viewed through the links below. Local educational agencies (LEAs) may select from two consolidated reports to locate their reallocation amounts. One report is sorted alphabetically by LEA name and the other is sorted by Educational Service Center (ESC) Region number and alphabetically by LEA.
LEA Reallocation List (pdf)
Region Reallocation List  (pdf)



The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requests that LEAs not submit an amendment to claim 2009-2010 RLIS Grant Application reallocation amounts. TEA staff will begin initiating budget adjustments to adjust the largest budgeted class/object code to incorporate the reallocation amounts. LEAs will begin receiving e-mail notifications of revisions to program budgets and an attachment of their revised Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) by mid-May, 2010. If necessary, an LEA may file an amendment to revise the budget entered by TEA staff once notification of their revised NOGA has been received via e-mail. Please refer to the 2009-2010 eGrants Schedule of Instructions for the RLIS grant application (pages 7-11) to determine if an amendment is necessary. The deadline to submit amendments is 5:00 p.m. Central Time, June 1, 2010.

Approved Budgets

Roll forward is not included in the reallocation amounts. Therefore, the final approved budget reflected on schedule BS6004-Program Budget Summary of the 2009-2010 RLIS Program Grant Application will be the combination of the LEA’s current year entitlement amount, prior year roll forward amount, and reallocation amount.

Project End Date and Final Expenditure Report Deadline

Please note the change to the project end date for this NCLB program as well as the deadline for the final expenditure report. TEA has posted an update dated April 5, 2010 entitled “Update to Revised Period of Obligation for Eligible 2009-2010 Federal Education Formula Grants” on the TEA Correspondence web page  regarding the reason for the change to the project end date.

These deadlines can be viewed on the TEA Grant Opportunities Calendar by searching for an individual grant or program and by year at.


Critical Events: 

  • Grant Period – 07/01/2009 – 09/30/2010
  • Final Expenditure Report – 11/01/2010
  • Revised Final Expenditure Report – 11/01/2010

Information and Assistance

For program information, please call the Division of NCLB Coordination at (512) 463-9374.
For funding information, please call the Division of Formula Funding at (512) 463-8525.




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