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STAAR logoIn spring 2012, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) replaced the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS).

 The STAAR program includes annual assessments for 

  • Reading and mathematics, grades 3–8
  • Writing at grades 4 and 7
  • Science at grades 5 and 8
  • Social studies at grade 8
  • End-of-course assessments for English I, English II,  Algebra I, biology and U.S history.

Beginning in 2016, TEA will voluntarily administer STAAR EOC assessments for English III and Algebra II.

The resources on this website provide information to familiarize Texas educators and the public with the design and format of the STAAR program. The information should help educators understand how the new STAAR program measures the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum standards. These resources should support, not narrow or replace, the teaching of the state-mandated curriculum, the TEKS.

STAAR General Resources

Use the links below to find general resources for the STAAR assessment program.


    STAAR Specific Resources

    The links below contain specific resources for the STAAR assessment program.


    Grades 3–8 Assessments

     Assessed Curriculum Blueprint Released Test Questions
    Grade 3 Reading | Mathematics   Reading | Mathematics  



     Released Test Questions

    Grade 4 Reading | Mathematics | Writing ReadingMathematics| Writing  
    Grade 5 Reading | MathematicsScience Reading | Mathematics | Science
    Grade 6 Reading | Mathematics Reading | Mathematics
    Grade 7 Reading | Mathematics | Writing ReadingMathematics | Writing  
    Grade 8 Reading | Mathematics | Science
     Social Studies
     Reading | Mathematics | Science |
     Social Studies


    Grades 3–5 Spanish Assessments

     Assessed Curriculum Blueprint Released Test Questions
    Grade 3 Reading | Mathematics Reading | Mathematics   Released Test Questions
    Grade 4 Reading | Mathematics | Writing Reading | Mathematics | Writing
    Grade 5 Reading | Mathematics | Science Reading | Mathematics | Science


     EOC Assessments

     Assessed CurriculumBlueprint Released Test Questions
    English Language Arts English I | English II | English III English I | English II | English III


      Released Test Questions

    Mathematics Algebra IAlgebra II Algebra IAlgebra II
    Science Biology   Biology
    Social Studies U.S. History U.S. History


    Special Education Students and English Language Learners

    The STAAR program includes assessments that address students receiving special education services and also for English language learners (ELLs) who meet particular participation requirements.

    For additional information, contact:

    Student Assessment Division
    (512) 463-9536

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