Texas Title I Priority for Schools (TTIPS) Grant Applications

     As required by federal statute, each state education agency must post on its website all final applications for the Texas Title I Priority Schools grant program.  Listed below are links to copies of non-selected TTIPS applications.


    Belton ISD

    014-903-104    Southwest Elementary School 

    014-903-114    Tyler Elementary School


    Por Vida Academy 

    015-801-001    Por Vida Academy Charter High School 


    School of Excellence in Education

    015-806-001    Rick Hawkins High School 


    Edgewood ISD

    015-905-002    John F Kennedy High School 


    Somerset ISD

    015-909-041    Somerset Junior High School 


    North East ISD

    015-910-046    White Middle School

    015-910-103    Colonial Hills Elementary School 

    015-910-105    East Terrell Hills Elementary School 

    015-910-106    Harmony Hills Elementary School 

    015-910-108    Larkspur Elementary School 

    015-910-114    Walzem Elementary School 

    015-910-119    Clear Spring Elementary School 

    015-910-122    Montgomery Elementary School 

    015-910-125    Stahl Elementary School 


    Southwest ISD 

    015-912-103   Indian Creek Elementary School 

    015-912-106   Hidden Cove Elementary School   

    Northside ISD

    015-915-002    Jay High School 

    015-915-042    Rayburn Middle School 

    015-915-048    Rudder Middle School

    015-915-113    Valley Hi Elementary School

    015-915-185    Mead Elementary School


    Texarkana ISD

    019-907-042   Texas Middle School 

    019-907-115    Dunbar Intermediate Center


    Luling ISD

    028-903-001   Luling High School 

    028-903-101   Luling Elementary School 


    Brownsville ISD

    031-901-002    Porter High School 

    031-901-004    Rivera High School 

    031-901-101    Canales Elementary School 

    031-901-104    Martin Elementary School 

    031-901-105    El Jardin Elementary School 

    031-901-108    Putegnat Elementary School

    031-901-110    Russell Elementary School 

    031-901-111    Sharp Elementary School 

    031-901-112    Skinner Elementary School 

    031-901-113    Victoria Heights Elementary School 

    031-901-115    Castaneda Elementary School 

    031-901-117    Villa Nueva Elementary School 

    031-901-120    Del Castillo Elementary School 

    031-901-123    Egly Elementary School 

    031-901-128    Burns Elementary School 

    031-901-136    A A Champion Elementary School


    La Feria ISD

    031-905-001    La Feria High School 


    Los Fresnos CISD

    031-906-103    Las Yescas Elementary School


    Point Isabel ISD

    031-909-001    Port Isabel High School 


    Rio Hondo ISD

    031-911-001    Rio Hondo High School 

    031-911-041    Rio Hondo Junior High School 


    San Benito CISD

    031-912-001    San Benito High School 

    031-912-041    Berta Cabaza Middle School 

    031-912-042    Miller Jordan Middle School

    031-912-109    Frank Roberts Elementary School

    031-912-112    La Encantada Elementary School 

    031-912-114    La Paloma Elementary School 


    Santa Maria ISD

    031-913-001    Santa Maria High School 

    031-913-101    Tony Gonzalez Elementary School 


    Santa Rosa ISD

    031-914-041    Jo Nelson Middle School 


    McKinney ISD 

    043-907-003    The Linc Center 

    043-907-107    Caldwel Elementary School 

    043-907-118    Albert and Iola Lee Davis Malvern Elementary School 


    Blue Ridge ISD  

    043-917-001    Blue Ridge High School 


    De Leon ISD 

    047-902-001    De Leon High School 


    Oglesby ISD  

    050-904-001    Oglesby School 


    Dallas County Juvenile Justice 

    057-814-001   Dallas County Juvenile Justice  

    057-814-003    Medlock Youth Village 

    057-814-005    Letot Campus 


    Faith Family Academy of Oak Cliff

    057-815-001    Faith Family Academy of Oak Cliff  

    057-815-041    Faith Family Academy of Oak Cliff 

    057-815-101    Faith Family Academy of Oak Cliff 


    Golden Rule Charter School 

    057-835-001    Golden Rule Charter School 


    Cedar Hill ISD 

    057-904-042    Bessie Coleman Middle School 

    057-904-102    Plummer Elementary School 

    057-904-106    Belt Line Intermediate School


    Dallas ISD 

    057-905-008    Justin F Kimball High School 

    057-905-015    Seagoville High School 

    Lancaster ISD  

    057-913-001    Lancaster High School 

    057-913-041    Lancaster Middle School

    057-913-107    Rolling Hills Elementary School 

    057-913-110   Lancaster Elementary School 


    Hereford ISD 

    059-901-042    Hereford Junior High School 

    059-901-101    Aikman Elementary School 


    Pilot Point ISD

    061-903-001    Pilot Point High School


    Krum ISD 

    061-905-001   Krum High School 


    Carrizo Springs CISD 

    064-903-001   Carrizo Springs High School   


    Ector County ISD

    068-901-103    Burleson Elementary School 

    068-901-110    Goliad Elementary School 

    068-901-126    Murry Fly Elementary School 


    Waxahachie Faith Family Academy  

    070-801-001    Waxahachie Faith Family Academy 

    070-801-101    Waxahachie Faith Family Academy 


    Waxahachie ISD

    070-912-002     Waxahachie High School


    El Paso ISD 

    071-902-001    Andress High School  

    071-902-002    Austin High School 

    071-902-003    Bowie High School 

    071-902-006    El Paso High School 

    071-902-008    Irvin High School 

    071-902-009    Jefferson High School 

    071-902-024    Hospital Class  

    071-902-042    Ross Middle School 

    071-902-043    Canyon Hills Middle School 

    071-902-044    Guillen Middle School

    071-902-047    Magoffin Middle School

    071-902-052    Wiggs Middle School 

    071-902-054    Armendariz Middle School 

    071-902-109    Clardy Elementary School 

    071-902-119    Hawkins Elementary School 

    071-902-136    Roberts Elementary School 

    071-902-156    Rivera Elementary School 


    Ysleta ISD 

    071-905-127    Capistrano Elementary School

    071-905-139    Constance Hulbert Elementary School 


    Rosebud-Lott ISD 

    073-905-001    Rosebud-Lott High School

    073-905-041    Rosebud-Lott Middle School  


    Schulenburg ISD

    075-903-102   Schulenburg Elementary School  


    La Marque ISD 

    084-904-001    La Marque High School 


    Santa Fe ISD  

    084-909-001    Santa Fe High School 


    Pampa ISD  

    090-904-105    Lamar Elementary School 

    090-904-107    Travis Elementary School 

    090-904-108    Wilson Elementary School 


    Longview ISD  

    092-903-001    Longview High School 

    092-903-041    Forest Park Magnet School 

    092-903-042    Foster Middle School 

    092-903-043    Judson Middle School 


    Navasota ISD

    093-904-041    Navasota Intermediate School


    Memphis ISD  

    096-904-041    Memphis Middle School 

    096-904-101    Austin Elementary School 


    Turkey-Quitaque ISD 

    096-905-001   Valley School 


    Hico ISD  

    097-903-001    Hico High School 

    097-903-101    Hico Elementary School 


    Raul Yzaguirre School for Success 

    101-806-101    Raul Yzaguirre School for Success 


    Kipp Inc Charter

    101-813-106    Kipp NE Lower School Dream


     Houston ISD 

    101-912-041    Attucks Middle School 

    101-912-066    Ryan Middle School 

    101-912-072    Fondren Middle School

    101-912-075    Dowling Middle School 


    Pasadena ISD

    101-917-013   Pasadena Memorial High School

    101-917-143    Bobby Shaw Middle School

    101-917-144   Keller Middle School 


    Spring ISD  

    101-919-043    Edwin M Wells Middle School 


    Spring Branch ISD

    101-920-003    Spring Woods High School

    101-920-005    Northbrook High School 

    101-920-012    Spring Branch School of Choice 

    101-920-041    Landrum Middle School 

    101-920-046    Spring Oaks Middle School


    Sheldon ISD

    101-924-001    C E King High School 

    One Stop Multiservice Charter School 

    108-801-001    One Stop Multiservice High School  

    108-801-002    One Stop Multiservice

    108-801-005    Children of the Sun 


    South Texas Educational Technologies Inc  

    108-802-101   Horizon Montessori 


    Donna ISD 

    108-902-045    A P Solis Middle School

    108-902-046    Veterans Middle School 

    108-902-117    Eloy Garza Salazar Elementary School 


    Edinburg CISD 

    108-904-001    Edinburg High School 

    108-904-002    Economedes High School 

    108-904-042    Harwell Middle School 

    108-904-101    Austin Elementary School 

    108-904-122    Cano-Gonzalez Elementary School 


    Hildago ISD 

    108-905-001    Hildago Early College High School

    108-905-102    Kelly Elementary School 


    McAllen ISD  

    108-906-006    Rowe High School 

    108-906-046    De Leon Middle School 

    108-906-114    Fields Elementary School 


    Mercedes ISD 

    108-907-041    Mercedes Junior High School  

    108-907-108    John F Kennedy 


    Mission CISD  

    108-908-001    Mission High School 

    108-908-002    Veterans Memorial High School 

    108-908-042    White Junior High School 

    108-908-043    Alton Memorial Junior High School  

    108-908-044    Rafael A Cantu Junior High School 

    108-908-102    Castro Elementary School 

    108-908-107    Alton Elementary School  


    Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD 

    108-909-001    Pharr-San Juan-Alamo High School 

    108-909-002    Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Memorial High School 

    108-909-003    Pharr-San Juan-Alamo North High School 

    108-909-006    Options High School

    108-909-044    Liberty Middle School 

    108-909-115    Raul Longoria Elementary School 

    108-909-118    Garza-Pena Elementary School  

    108-909-125    Clover Elementary School  


    Progreso ISD 

    108-910-041    Dorothy Thompson Middle School 


    La Joya ISD  

    108-912-001    La Joya High School  

    108-912-041    Lorenzo De Zavala Middle School 

    108-912-043   Dr Javier Saenz Middle School  

    108-912-045    Ann Richards Middle School 

    108-912-046    Irene M Garcia Middle School 

    108-912-105    Rosendo Benavides Elementary School  

    108-912-109    Elodia R Chapa Elementary School  

    108-912-115    Henry B Gonzalez Elementary School 

    108-912-117    Sam Fordyce Elementary School 

    108-912-118    Emiliano Zapata Elementary School 

    108-912-122    Dr Americo Paredes Elementary School 


    Weslaco ISD 

    108-913-042    Armando Cuellar Middle School 

    108-913-044    Beatriz G Garza Middle School  


    La Villa ISD

    108-914-001    La Villa High School 


    Monte Alto ISD 

    108-915-101    Monte Alto Elementary School 


    Valley View ISD  

    108-916-044    Valley View 6th Grade Academy 


    Hillsboro ISD

    109-904-001    Hillsboro High School  

    109-904-041    Hillsboro Junior High School  

    109-904-107    Hillsboro Intermediate School


    Hubbard ISD

    109-905-001    Hubbard High School

    109-905-041    Hubbard Middle School


    Beaumont ISD 

    123-910-041    Austin Middle School 

    123-910-043    M L King Middle School 


    Burleson ISD

    126-902-103    Mound Elementary School

    126-902-105    Jack Taylor Elementary School 

    126-902-110    Ann Brock Elementary School at Oak Grove


    Scurry-Rosser ISD 

    129-910-101    Scurry-Rosser Elementary School 


    Kingsville ISD  

    137-901-041    Gillett Intermediate School 

    137-901-110    Perez Elementary School 


    Knox City-O'Brien CISD 

    138-902-101    Knox City Elementary School 


    Chisum ISD 

    139-905-001    Chisum High School 


    Dayton ISD 

    146-902-002    Dayton High School 


    Liberty ISD

    146-906-001    Liberty High School

    146-906-103    Liberty Elementary School


     O'Donnell ISD 

    153-903-001     O'Donnell High School  

    153-903-101     O'Donnell Elementary School 


    Waco ISD 

    161-914-002    Waco High School  

    161-914-003    University High School 

    161-914-043    Cesar Chavez Middle School 

    161-914-048    GW Carver Academy

    161-914-049    Brazos Middle School 


    Midland ISD  

    165-901-104    Burnet Elementary School 

    165-901-105    Crockett Elementary School  

    165-901-113    Milam Elementary School 

    165-901-118    Travis Elementary School 


    Bowie ISD 

    169-901-041    Bowie Junior High School  


    Splendora ISD 

    170-907-041    Splendora  Junior High School 

    170-907-101    Peach Creek Elementary School 


    Sunray ISD

    171-902-041    Sunray Middle School

    171-902-101    Sunray Elementary School


    Nacogdoches ISD 

    174-904-101    Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary School 

    174-904-102    Carpenter Elementary School 

    174-904-110    Thomas J Rusk Elementary School 


    Blooming Grove ISD 

    175-902-001    Blooming Grove High School  

    175-902-101    Blooming Grove Elementary School 


    Dr M L Garza-Gonzalez Charter School 

    178-801-001    Dr M L Garza-Gonzalez Charter School 

    178-801-101    Accelerated Learning Center 

    178-801-102    GGCLR Institute of Technology 


    Corpus Christi ISD 

    178-904-048    Haas Middle School 

    178-904-050    Martin Middle School 

    178-904-108    Crockett Elementary School 

    178-904-124    Menger Elementary School  

    178-904-133    Shaw Elementary School


    West Oso ISD

    178-915-041    West Oso Junior High School


    Boys Ranch ISD 

    180-901-001    Boys Ranch High School  

    180-901-041    Blakemore Middle School 


    Vidor ISD

    181-907-103    Oak Forest Elementary School


    Lazbuddie ISD

    185-904-001    Lazbuddie School 


    Goodrich ISD  

    187-903-001   Goodrich High School  


    Amarillo ISD

    188-901-002    Caprock High School  

    188-901-047    Travis Middle School 

    188-901-105    Eastridge Elementary School 

    188-901-106    Emerson Elementary School 


    Highland Park ISD 

    188-903-001    Highland Park High School 


    Hearne ISD  

    198-905-002    Hearne High School  


    West Rusk ISD 

    201-914-001    West Rusk High School  

    201-914-114    West Rusk Elementary School 


    Mathis ISD  

    205-904-001    Mathis High School  

    205-904-101    Weber-Hardin Elementary School  

    205-904-102    Mathis Intermediate School  


    San Saba ISD

    206-901-041    San Saba Middle School


    Snyder ISD 

    208-902-108    Snyder Elementary School  


    Lindale ISD

    212-903-001    Lindale High School


    Roma ISD  

    214-903-001    Roma High School 

    214-903-042    Ramiro Barrera Middle School


    Arlington ISD 

    220-901-002    Sam Houston High School  

    220-901-046    Hutcheson Junior High School  

    220-901-052    Barnett Junior High School  

    220-901-053    Nichols Junior High School 

    220-901-111    South Davis Elementary School 

    220-901-112    Speer Elementary School  

    220-901-134    Sherrod Elementary School 

    220-901-140    Starrett Elementary School 

    220-901-148    Webb Elementary School 


    Everman ISD  

    220-904-041    Everman Jr Junior High School 


    Fort Worth ISD 

    220-905-003    South Hills High School 

    220-905-005    Dunbar High School 

    220-905-006    Eastern Hills High School 

    220-905-009    Polytechnic High School 

    220-905-014    Southwest High School 

    220-905-042    Daggett Middle School 

    220-905-045    Forest Oak Middle School 

    220-905-047    Handley Middle School 

    220-905-049    Kirkpatrick Middle School 

    220-905-051    Meacham Middle School 

    220-905-052    Meadowbrook Middle School 

    220-905-125    Eastern Hills Elementary School 

    220-905-143    McRae Elementary School  

    220-905-144    Mitchell Boulevard Elementary School 

    220-905-147    Morningside Elementary School 

    220-905-153    A M Pate Elementary School 

    220-905-188    Atwood McDonald Elementary School 


    Abilene ISD  

    221-901-002    Cooper High School  

    221-901-045    Mann Middle School  

    221-901-103    Bonham Elementary School 

    221-901-104    Bowie Elementary School 

    221-901-116    Lee Elementary School  

    221-901-150    Ward Elementary School 


    American Youthworks Charter School

    227-801-002     American Youthworks Service Learning Academy 


    Cedars International Academy 

    227-817-101   Cedars International Academy   


    Austin ISD  

    227-901-014    LBJ High School 

    227-901-043    Fulmore Middle School 

    227-901-048    Pearce Middle School  

    227-901-058    Mendez Middle School 

    227-901-118    Harris Elementary School  

    227-901-129    Pecan Springs Elementary School  

    227-901-139    Sims Elementary School 

    227-901-141    Walnut Creek Elementary School  

    227-901-150    Norman Elementary School  

    227-901-162    Houston Elementary School 

    227-901-174    Rodriguez Elementary School 

    227-901-178    Jordan Elementary School  


    Harmony Science Academy - Laredo

    240-804-001    Harmony Science Academy - Laredo


    Laredo ISD 

    240-901-001    Martin High School

    240-901-002    Nixon High School

    240-901-003    Dr Leo Cigarroa High School  

    240-901-041    Christen Middle School

    240-901-042    Lamar Middle School

    240-901-043    Dr Cigarrao Middle School

    240-901-044    Memorial Middle School

    240-901-120     J C Martin Jr Elementary School  


    El Campo ISD  

    241-903-001    El Campo High School 


    Louise ISD 

    241-906-001    Louise High School 


    Burkburnett ISD  

    243-901-101    John G Hardin Elementary School  


    Wichita Falls ISD  

    243-905-004    Wichita Falls High School 

    243-905-048    Kirby Junior High School 

    243-905-119    Lamar Elementary School 

    243-905-128    Scotland Park Elementary School 


    Lasara ISD 

    245-901-001    Lasara High School  


    Lyford CISD  

    245-902-001    Lyford High School  

    245-902-041    Lyford Middle School  

    245-902-106    Lyford Elementary School  


    Raymondville ISD 

    245-903-001    Raymondville  High School 

    245-903-041    Myra Green Middle School 


    Hutto ISD  

    246-906-041    Hutto Middle School  

    246-906-103    Cottonwood Creek Elementary School 


    Graham ISD  

    252-901-002    Graham Learning Center 


    Zapata County ISD 

    253-901-001    Zapata High School  

    253-901-041    Zapata Middle School  

    253-901-107    Fidel and Andrea R Villarreal Elementary School  


    Crystal City ISD 

    254-901-001    Crystal City High School  


    La Pryor ISD

    254-902-001    La Pryor High School


    For additional information, contact:

    Division of NCLB Program Coordination
    1701 North Congress Avenue
    Austin, TX  78701



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