District Type Data, 2008-09


TEA classifies Texas public school districts into community types using factors such as enrollment, growth in enrollment, economic status, and proximity to urban areas. These community types, or "district types," group districts into eight categories ranging from major urban to rural. Charter school districts make up a ninth category. The categories are as follows:

  1. Major Urban
  2. Major Suburban
  3. Other Central City
  4. Other Central City Suburban
  5. Independent Town
  6. Non-Metropolitan: Fast Growing
  7. Non-Metropolitan: Stable
  8. Rural
  9. Charter School Districts

District type classifications are used in agency reporting and monitoring systems. For more information on the 2008-09 district type category descriptions, see the glossary.

View and download Texas public school districts categorized by district type.

Contact Information
For questions or comments about district type data, please contact the Texas Education Agency Division of Accountability Research by e‑mail or by phone at 512-475-3523.

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