2009-2010 Schools in Need of Improvement - Campus Level

    Texas Education Agency (TEA) must identify for school improvement any campus that fails to make adequate yearly progress (AYP) for two consecutive years for the same indicator; math, reading, attendance and/or graduation rate.

    The School Improvement Program (SIP) provides supplemental funds to Title I campuses identified for school improvement. A student attending a Title I low-performing school must be provided the option to transfer to another public school within the local education agency (LEA), unless the LEA lacks the capacity to do so, and eligible students must be oferred Supplemental Educational Services (SES). 

    SIP Campuses and Requirements

    Final List of Campuses in Title I School Improvement for 2009-2010  (PDF, 24KB) 

    Final List of Campuses NOT in Title I School Improvement for 2009-2010 (PDF, 6KB) 


    Guide to Implementation (PDF, 146KB) 

    School Choice 20 Percent Set-Aside Reallocation Process and Procedures   (PDF, 212KB)


    SIP Stage 1 requirements (PDF, 38KB)

    SIP Stage 2 Requirements (PDF, 34KB)

    SIP Stage 3 Requirements (PDF, 23KB)

    SIP Stage 4 Requirements (PDF, 22KB)

    SIP Stage 5 Requirements (PDF, 21KB)

    School Choice

    School Choice Q&A (PDF, 20KB)

    Parent Notification

    Instructions for Required Parent Notification Letters (PDF, 60KB)

    Instructions: When the Explorer Window opens after clicking on the link to one of the letters select SAVE to save the document before making the required changes within the document.   Do not select Open until the Download Complete screen appears.

    Required Parent Notification Letter - ABLE to offer school choice:  in English (PDF,57KB);  in Spanish (PDF, 54KB)

    Required Parent Notification Letter – NOT ABLE to offer school choice:  in English (PDF, 41KB);  in Spanish (PDF, 46KB)


    Fiscal Requirements Related to School Improvement (PDF, 31KB)

    Technical Assistance to SIP Campuses provided by the School Improvement Resource Center (SIRC) (PDF, 16KB)

    School Improvement Resource Center (SIRC)

    Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Information

    SES Fiscal Requirements  

    SES Program Requirements

    General Information

    2009-2010 SIP Guidance 

    Part 1 - School & LEA Improvement  (PDF, 453KB)

    Part 2 - School Choice  (PDF, 1029KB)

    Part 3 - Supplemental Educational Services (PDF, 350KB)


    Amended SAG Application to include Stage 1  (PDF, 36KB)

    Information Related to Title I School Improvement Roll Forward and Pre-Award Costs  (PDF, 13KB)

    UIL Participation Policy for SIP School Choice  (PDF, 17KB)

    Guidance on School Choice with Desegregation Orders  (PDF, 67KB)



    For additional information, contact:

    Division of NCLB Program Coordination
    1701 North Congress Avenue
    Austin, TX  78701


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