Student Assessment Correspondence with Districts 2002–2003


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Below are letters and broadcast e-mails that have been sent to all districts regarding the Texas Assessment Program.  To view the correspondence for another school year, visit the Correspondence with Districts webpage

08/04/03TAKS Released Test Items Additional Information Regarding Released Science Items
05/06/03Replacement Item in Grade 11 TAKS Science Information Booklet
05/01/03Authority to Reproduce TEA Copyrighted Test Materials
04/11/03TAAS/TAKS Coding for HSEP Students
03/14/03Optional Use of Highlighters by Students During the Administration of the State Assessments
03/13/03Duplicate Test Question on One Form of the Grade 3 Reading Exam 
03/06/03TAKS Security Letter
03/05/03Algebra I End-of-Course Examination Offered Online 
02/28/03Update on Spring 2003 TAKS Testing Program
02/24/03Inclement Weather During Testing
02/21/03TAKS Information Booklet Update
02/20/03Grades 9 and 10/11 TAKS Test Administrator Manuals and Grades 10 and 11 ELA Survey
02/10/03Modified Scheduling, On-Site Testing, and Alternate Test Dates for 2003 Test Administrations
02/07/032003-2004 Testing Calendar 
02/04/03New Rule Clarifying TAAS/TAKS Transition
01/24/03TAAS/TAKS Coding for HSEP Students
12/18/02Recommendations for Student Assessment Review Committees Recommendation Form
12/13/02Performance Standards for the TAKS
 - Attachment I: Implementation of TAKS
 - Attachment II: TAKS Overview
 - Attachment III: TAKS Standard Setting
 - Attachment IV: Phase-in Plan for TAKS Standards
 - Attachment V:TAKS Standard Setting Spring 2003 Raw Score Cuts
12/09/02Field Testing for the TAKS and the SDAA
10/28/02Algebra I End-of-Course Examination
10/28/02Update on Alternate Assessment Option of the Student Success Initiative 
09/04/02Implementation Activities and Materials for Student Success Initiative

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