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STAAR Alternate logoThe STAAR Alternate Training Modules discuss instructional and assessment decisions for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. Teachers must view all four modules and pass all four qualification activities for Modules 1–4 before administering the assessment.

To see all available STAAR Alternate resources, visit the STAAR Alternate Resources webpage.

Login to the Texas TrainingCenter to view the online training modules and access the qualification activities.     


The STAAR Alternate Training Modules and corresponding transcripts were not  revised to reflect new policies and recent legislation affecting the 2014 STAAR Alternate Test Administration. Please refer to the document at the following link for a detailed listing of updated information related to each module.

2013-2014 Updates to the STAAR Alternate Modules and Transcripts

Training Module Descriptions -- Modules should be viewed in order starting with Module 1 and ending with Module 4

  • Module 1: Selecting the Assessment Task
    Provides an overview of the STAAR Alternate assessment, including the role of the admission, review and dismissal (ARD) committee, the participation requirements; and the strategies for selecting assessment tasks which is Step 1 of the test administration process.
  • Module 2: Implementing the Assessment Task
    Explains how to make assessment tasks accessible at each complexity level by using appropriate presentation supports/materials and response modes and how to use the resource documents for planning and implementing the assessment observation for Step 2 of the test administration process.
  • Module 3: Observing/Documenting Student Performance
    Clarifies the difference between instruction and assessment, between cues and prompts, between primary and generalization observations, and explains how to prepare for and document the observation to complete Step 3 of the test administration process.
  • Module 4: Evaluating Student Performance 
    Provides information about the scoring rubric, the evaluation process for both the primary and generalization observations, and appropriate maintenance of the documentation forms. Provides practice using the online system and includes a flowchart to assist in completing Step 4 of the test administration process.

TrainingCenter User’s Guides

  •  2014 - TrainingCenter User’s Guide for District and Campus Coordinators 
    The Texas TrainingCenter is the gateway to all STAAR Alternate online training modules and qualification activities. Participation in all online training activities must be monitored by the testing coordinator(s) to ensure that all participants are adequately trained. This manual provides information on how testing coordinators can access reports to monitor the progress and performance of training module participants on training modules and qualification activities. Information regarding training requirements for STAAR Alternate test administrators may be found in the STAAR Alternate Manual for District and Campus Coordinators.
  •  2014 - TrainingCenter User’s Guide for Test Administrators (Teachers) 
    The Texas TrainingCenter is the gateway to all STAAR Alternate online training modules and qualification activities. This user’s guide provides details about the trainee registration process, accessing the online training modules, completing online qualification activities and printing qualification certificates.
  • Supplemental Training Support Flowchart (PDF posted 09/07/11)
  • Supervision Guidelines for the Content in the Modules (PDF posted 09/28/12)



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