Emergency Commissioner of Education Rules


Emergency New 19 TAC Chapter 109, Budgeting, Accounting, and Auditing, Subchapter BB, Commissioner's Rules Concerning Financial Exigency, §109.2001, Financial Exigency
(Effective Date of Emergency Rule - November 21, 2011)
(Expiration Date of Emergency Rule - May 17, 2012)

The Texas Education Code (TEC), §44.011, as added by Senate Bill 8, 82nd Texas Legislature, First Called Session, 2011, requires that the commissioner of education adopt minimum standards concerning school district financial conditions that must exist for declaration of a financial exigency by the board of trustees of the district. The TEC, §44.011(f), authorizes the commissioner to take such action in the manner provided by law for emergency rules. 

Text of Emergency New 19 TAC §109.2001 (PDF)

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