Request to Extend Expenditure Reporting Deadline


This page describes the procedure that grantees may use to request an extension to grant expenditure reporting deadlines. (See also the February 8, 2012, “To the Administrator Addressed” letter posted to the TEA Correspondence page.) Be reminded that meeting required deadlines is a responsibility of all grantees. Regardless of this procedure, failure to meet expenditure reporting deadlines may result in loss of funds and could cause the grantee to be identified as “high risk.”

Submitting the Request 

All requests for extensions to expenditure reporting deadlines must be submitted using the Request to Extend Expenditure Reporting Deadline form. The form must be submitted by email to

Timeline for Submitting Request 

A grantee that misses the deadline for a final or revised final expenditure report has 30 days to request an extension of the deadline. If there is no opportunity for a revised final expenditure report, the grantee has 10 days after the final expenditure reporting deadline to submit the request. Requests will not be considered that are submitted more than 30 days after the final or revised final expenditure reporting deadline or, in the case of grants with no opportunity for a revised final expenditure report, more than 10 days after the final expenditure reporting deadline.

Expenditure Reporting Deadline Information 

Grantees may find expenditure reporting deadlines listed on the TEA Grant Opportunities page. From the Application Name dropdown list, select the name of the grant. Scroll down to the Critical Events section to find dates for all expenditure reports due for the grant. On occasion, an errata notice will be posted to correct the date of an expenditure reporting deadline. Therefore, grantees should also check the errata notices for particular grants.

Evaluation Process 

Requests for expenditure deadline extensions are not granted automatically. TEA staff will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis, with the decision to extend a deadline remaining completely within TEA’s discretion. Requests are considered by weighing a number of factors related to the request itself, the individual grant program, and the time at which the request is submitted. TEA reserves the right to review all supporting documentation, such as the general ledger, in determining whether a request will be granted.

TEA will notify the grantee of the approval or denial of the request. As a corrective action, any grantee whose request for an expenditure reporting deadline extension is granted is advised that in the future, it must comply with expenditure reporting deadline requirements.

Further Information  

For further information regarding either expenditure reporting or the process for requesting an expenditure reporting deadline extension, please contact the Cash Management/Fund Control unit in the Division of Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting, at (512) 463-9127 or

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