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Visit the STAAR Alternate Resources webpageGeneralization is the ability to transfer knowledge and learned skills to new contexts. When a student with a cognitive disability demonstrates that he or she has internalized a skill by applying the skill or using the skill in a different way at a later time, this is true mastery. Generalization is an important part of STAAR Alternate.

Students assessed on a Level 3 or Level 2 assessment task who do not require any prompting to perform the task earn an opportunity for Generalization of Skill.  These students are assessed on the task again on another day using materials different from those used during the primary observation and instruction. The change in materials must require the student to provide a different answer to the predetermined criteria than was observed during the primary observation. However, the change in materials should not make the difficulty level harder or easier than what was expected in the primary observation. Additionally, the teacher must be careful not to introduce a new skill during the generalization observation. Students who successfully generalize the skill using new materials and without prompting are awarded extra score points.

The “Change in Materials from Primary to Generalization” documents below provide guidance on the types of change in materials that should be used for generalization observations.

To see all available STAAR Alternate resources, visit the STAAR Alternate Resources webpage.

  • Process for Generalization of Skill  (PDF updated 9/28/2012)
  • Change in Materials from Primary to Generalization  
    • Reading
    • English

      The description of the change in materials from the primary observation to the generalization observation must be documented in the Description of the Change in Materials for Generalization section on page 3 of the "STAAR Alternate Documentation Form of Student Performance" before the generalization observation is conducted.

    • Writing
    • Mathematics 
    • Science
    • Social Studies




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