Contacts for programs and requirements are provided in the following three categories:

ESEA Unit Contacts
ESEA Unit contacts provide statewide support for topics listed under each team member's area of responsibility.

Education Service Center Contacts (PDF, 36KB)
Education Service Center (ESC) contacts are located in specific regions throughout the state and provide technical assistance across many topics such as Title I, Part A Regulations and Requirements, Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), NCLB Consolidated Application for Federal Funding, Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraprofessionals, Compliance Reporting, Performance-Based Monitoring, Program-Compliance Monitoring, Initial Compliance Reports (ICR), Initial Compliance Analysis (ICA), Continuous Improvement Plans, Parent Involvement Policies, Comprehensive Needs Assessment, Private Nonprofit Requirements, and more.

Title I Initiative Contacts
Title I Initiative contacts are located at specific ESCs and provide statewide support on certain topics through the Title I Title I Statewide School Support/Parental Involvement Initiative and the Title I Statewide Publications Initiative. Local education agencies receive support on professional development (such as professional development for LEAs that did not meet Adequate Yearly Progress for the first time), program implementation and updates, and general training.



For additional information, contact:

Division of Federal and State Education Policy
(512) 463-9414

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