Foster Care & Student Success - State Efforts


 Texas is engaged in cross-system and coordinated efforts to improve the education outcomes of student's in foster care. See below for a descirption of these important state led initiatives.

Texas Blue Print

In 2010, the Supreme Court of Texas issued an Order Establishing the Education Committee of the Permanent Judicial Commission for Children, Youth and Families (Children’s Commission). The Education Committee -- a high-level group of court, education and child welfare decision-makers – created a collaborative initiative designed to improve educational outcomes of children and youth in the Texas foster care system. The order resulted in over 100 court, education and child welfare stakeholders coming together over an 18-month period to listen and learn from each other, discuss and debate about the issues, and ultimately develop recommendations to improve educational outcomes of children and youth in foster care.

The core focus areas were:

  • School Readiness,
  • School Stability and Transitions,
  • School Experience,
  • and Post Secondary Education.

The Education Committee reached consensus on many recommendations, which range from changes to daily practices, modifications to education and child welfare policy, and amendments to Texas’ legal framework. The recommendations, as implemented, will impact education, child welfare, and judicial practices, and will spur multi-disciplinary training, cross-agency data exchange, child-specific information sharing, and cross-system collaborations.

The Texas Blueprint was submitted to the Supreme Court of Texas on May 3, 2012. The recommendations may be found in the Final Report of the Education Committee, The Texas Blueprint:  Transforming Education Outcomes for Children & Youth in Foster Care.

Visit the Children's Commission Texas Blueprintwebsite for more information and helpful foster care and education resources.

Texas Trio: Strengthening Court, Child Welfare and Education Connections for Youth 

As a result of collaborative work led by the Children’s Commission Education Committee, Texas was one of ten states awarded a 17-month federal Children’s Bureau demonstration grant, Child Welfare – Education System Collaboration to Increase Educational Stability.

The grant assisted Texas Education Agency (TEA) in building capacity and collaboration with the Children’s Commission and Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to address improving the education outcomes of students in foster care.

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