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Designated District Liaison

Each school district and open-enrollment charter school in Texas is required to appoint at-least one employee to act as a foster care liaison officer.  This person facilitates the enrollment in or transfer to a public school or open-enrollment charter school of a child in the district or area served by the charter school who is in the conservatorship of the state (TEC § 33.904).

The 83rd Texas Legislative session added open-enrollment charter schools to an existing law that required districts to designate foster care liaisons. New legislation from that session also required that both districts and charters to submit their foster care liaison’s name and contact information to TEA (see below).

TEA is developing a comprehensive list of foster care liaisons to support both liaisons and stakeholders in coordinating successful enrollment, efficient transfers and academic support for students in foster care. Many Education Service Centers (ESCs) have also voluntarily designated a Foster Care Champion to support districts and coordinate efforts in addressing the educational success of students. The names and contact information of identified liaisons are provided below:

1) Foster Care Liaisons organized alphabetically by district

2) Foster Care Liaisons organized by ESC Region

3) ESC Foster Care Champions

4) Foster Care Liaisons listed by each ESC Region:

Region 1Region 5Region 9Region 13Region 17
Region 2Region 6Region 10Region 14Region 18
Region 3Region 7Region 11Region 15Region 19
Region 4Region 8Region 12Region 16Region 20

New – Beginning with the 2014-15 school year you must maintain foster care liaisons through AskTED. Submit updates for liaison information to TEA through each district’s AskTED administrator. All liaisons submitted previously to TEA are on the AskTED system and there is no need to re-submit your foster care liaison information to the agency. Notify your district’s AskTED administrator immediately for any changes or if your LEA's foster care liaison is not listed. Include your liaison’s name, email address, and phone and fax numbers. If you are a charter school, please contact the Charter School Division at (512) 463-9575 or directly to submit the name and contact information of your foster care liaison.

The names of foster care liaisons submitted to TEA after June 30th 2014 are not reflected in the liaison contact lists provided above. To view the names of all liaisons in TEA’s real-time database go to the AskTED homepage and follow the instructions below:

  1. Select “Reports and Directories” from the AskTED menu, then click on “Download School, District and ESC Personnel Data File”.
  2. Select "Foster Care Liaison” from the scroll list.
  3. Choose how you would like your list sorted.
  4. Click “Download File”.

Appoint a Liaison:

If your district's or open enrollment charter school's designated liaison is unknown, please contact your administration immediately. In the event your district does not have a designated liaison, district administration should assign a liaison(s) immediately.

A note to stakeholders:

ESC’s, the child welfare community and many others have played an important role informing districts of their need to appoint a foster care liaison and to notify TEA of their liaison appointment. If you are working in a district that does not have a foster care liaison appointed please share this requirement with districts. Chapter Five of the Foster Care & Student Success Resource Guide is a helpful tool to share with districts.

TEA Assistance:

A comprehensive Foster Care & Student Success Resource Guide published in the fall 2013.  The guide equips Texas schools and support liaisons in advancing the educational success of students in foster care. TEA also has a designated email to field foster care liaison and foster care education related inquiries Additionally, TEA developed a ‘Foster Care Education’listserv to distribute information and provide training updates. Lastly, introductory webinar trainings can be viewed under the 'Trainings' section below.


1) Welcome-Back Foster Care Liaison Webinar - Introduction of the Foster Care & Student Success Resource Guide, plus new updates for the 2013-2014 school year.  

2) School District Foster Care Liaisons 201 - Understanding CPS & Court (View the PowerPoint)

3) School District Foster Care Liaisons 101 - Guidance for Texas School District Foster Care Liaisons (View the PowerPoint)

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