Charter School Resources for Parents and Students

This page contains general information about charter schools currently in operation, the charter school admission and enrollment process, withdrawing from a charter school, charter school closures, and obtaining records from a charter school.

Finding a Charter School

A map of Texas charter schools is now available that will allow you to search by an entire address, just a city, or even just by a zip code. The results may be limited  by changing the number of miles for the search radius. You may also narrow the results by choosing only the grades you are interested in. In addition, by using the radio buttons on the top of the map, you can layer counties, education service centers, or even school district boundaries onto the map

For detailed, printable reports on open enrollment charter schools, use the Texas Education Directory (AskTED) Reports page:

  • Choose "Charter School Reports" in the Select Category field
  • Select the report titled "All Active Open Enrollment Charters" 
  • Choose sorting criteria; for example, if you want to locate charter schools in your county, choose "County Name" in the Sort by field
  • Choose report format: to view or print, select "Formatted Report;" to export a report, select "Data Only Formatted for Export"

 You can also locate charter schools by using the links included on the Charter Schools Reports page under the headings "Charter Reports" and "Campus Reports."

Choosing a Charter School

As employees of governmental agency, TEA staff may not recommend a charter school to the public. However, we provide information that you can use to make your decision. School performance information is available through TEA's Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) reports, and you can download individual charter school applications for detailed information about that charter. You can also obtain a copy of a school's charter by submitting a Public Information Request or contacting the charter school directly.

Charter School Admissions and Enrollment 

Generally, open enrollment means any student can apply to that charter school, although preference is given to students who live within the approved geographic boundaries of each campus. Any exceptions are specified in an individual school's charter. The admissions policy for all charter schools must prohibit discrimination and, in most cases, must describe a lottery process to be used when the number of applications to a school exceeds available space.

During the application process, the charter school can only request basic information regarding a student (e.g., name, age, address, parent information). Once a student has been offered admissions, they must register and enroll at the school. Only at this stage may information regarding past academic achievement, medical history, etc. be requested.

Withdrawal from a Charter School

A parent can withdraw their child from a charter school at any time. However, unless it is clearly addressed in the student code of conduct adopted under the requirements of TEC § 37.001, a student may not be removed or expelled from a charter school for failure to progress in the program.

Obtaining Records From a Charter School

In most instances, a charter school will forward the records of a student who transfers to a different school. However, public schools (both charter schools and traditional public schools) cannot deny enrollment based on the lack of records. See 19 TAC § 74.26(a)(1).

When a new student tries to register at the school, the new school will contact the old school to request a transfer of records. In the meantime, the new school must register and place the student as appropriately as possible. Any copies that you may have of old report cards or similar records will help the new school with appropriate placements.

Additionally, a public school (charter schools, as well traditional public schools) cannot withhold student records from an adult student or the guardian of a minor student. If you have a legal claim to the records (you are the guardian of a minor student or you are an adult student) you may submit a request in writing to the school. The school is legally required to respond "promptly" to a written request. For more information or to file a complaint, please visit the web site for or contact the Office of the Attorney General.

If the charter school you attended is no longer in operation, visit the Region XIII web page to access a form for requesting a copy of your records. You can also submit a public information request to TEA to request any information the school submitted on your behalf. If you have any questions about whether or not the charter is still in operation or about obtaining a copy of your records, email the Division of Charter Schools at or call (512) 463-9575.


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