2013–2014 Per Capita Distributions from the Available School Fund (ASF)


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October 3, 2013 


Subject: 2013­–2014 Per Capita Distributions from the Available School Fund (ASF)  

To the Administrator Addressed: 

The current ASF per capita rate is $256.125. The amount of each monthly per capita payment to districts and charter schools depends on funds available from ASF. We do not currently anticipate being able to make ASF payments to school districts and charter schools until December because of the high demand for ASF funds related to the Instructional Materials Allotment. We will adjust ASF payments from December through August in order to provide districts and charter schools with their full annual allotment.

If you have questions about ASF payments or your district’s payment ledger, please contact the me by phone at (512) 4630986 or by email at Amanda.brownson@tea.state.tx.us.



Amanda Brownson
Director of State Funding


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