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Legacy PEIMS Data Collection Resources

The submission of Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) data is required of all school districts. The Data Standards provide instructions on the submission of PEIMS data by school districts to the Texas Education Agency. PEIMS data files are submitted four times each school year following a schedule established by the PEIMS Data Standards.

PEIMS data reporting requirements:

  • Provide descriptions of data elements and the codes used to report them;
  • Describe the responsibilities of school districts, education service centers, and the Texas Education Agency in connection with the data submission process; and
  • Provide descriptions of the data submission requirements, including submission record layout specifications and data edit specifications.

Collection schedules notify districts and ESCs of submission deadlines:

2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

Download Data Standards

The PEIMS Data Standards are available for download in files formatted in Microsoft Word.  The web version of the PEIMS Data Standards contains the same information as the printed PEIMS Data Standards and is formatted so that the user can print a copy on his or her own system. If you have difficulty accessing the Data Standards, please contact our office by email: or by phone: (512) 463-9229.   


Legacy PEIMS Data Standards  
  2014-2015       Updated
 2014-2015 PEIMS Data Standards - Addendum Version 10/07/2014
 2014-2015 PEIMS Data Standards - Web Enabled  10/07/2014
2014-2015_Economically_Disadvantaged_Reporting_Guidance 09/05/2014
 2014-2015 School Board Request Cost Calculation Guidelines 09/12/2014
2013-2014 Updated
2013-2014 PEIMS Data Standards - Post Addendum Version 06/03/2014
2013-2014 PEIMS Data Standards - Web Enabled 06/03/2014
2013-2014 Addendum/Post Addendum Training (PowerPoint 1,831KB) 8/8/2013
2013-2014 Post Addendum Changes Log 06/03/2014
2012-2013 Summer and Extended Collections  Updated
2012-2013 PEIMS Data Standards - Unique ID Version 9/4/2013
2012-2013 PEIMS Data Standards - Unique ID Version - Web Enabled 9/4/2013
2012-2013 PEIMS Unique ID Version Change Log 9/4/2013
TSDS Unique ID Training Webinar   11/14/2012
TSDS Unique ID Training Powerpoint 11/14/2012
2012-2013 Fall and Midyear Collections  Updated
2012-2013 PEIMS Data Standards - Addendum Version 8/20/2012
2012-2013 PEIMS Data Standards Web Enabled 8/20/2012
2012-2013 PEIMS Post Addendum Changes Log 12/19/2012
2012-2013 Data Standards' Changes (PowerPoint 1,994 KB) 8/1/2012
April 2012 ESC Training_EDIT+ (PowerPoint 239 KB) 8/1/2012
April 2012 ESC Training _TREx 3.9 (PowerPoint 192 KB) 5/10/2012
TEDS Training Presentation ESC PEIMS Coordinators (PowerPoint 3,554 KB) 8/1/2012
Homeless and Unaccompanied Youth FAQ (PDF 128KB) 8/28/2012
Archive: 2009 through 2011  

Texas Education Data Standards

Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) are XML-based standards for Texas Student Data System (TSDS) and TSDS PEIMS data collections. TEDS includes all data elements, code tables, business rules, and data validations needed to load local education agency (LEA—Texas school district or charter school) education data. For more information on how PEIMS is changing, see What's New with PEIMS?


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