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EDIT+ is a web-based software application which provides a resource for Texas school regions, districts and campuses to submit their PEIMS data via the Internet. EDIT+ offers an interface for users to transfer PEIMS data files to TEA, validate the data, then generate reports. TEA uses PEIMS data to determine funding and accountability for each campus, along with providing data to TEA’s Pre-Kindergarten-16 Public Education Information Resource Data Warehouse.

What is the EDIT+ Process?

  • Districts enter/update data using their respective software systems.
  • District software extracts data from master files into the format specified in the PEIMS Data Standards.
  • Extracted PEIMS data files are uploaded and validated on the TEA EDIT+ file server using the secure file transfer capabilities of the World Wide Web internet.
  • EDIT+ generates error-listed reports on any errors and warnings detected.  Districts correct data within their respective software systems and the information is uploaded again.
  • When the district is satisfied with the results of their data validation, the district data files are flagged and accepted as correct by the district and the ESC personnel are notified.
  • ESC personnel review reports to verify the completeness of each district's data within their region.  Errors found by the ESC during the review process are corrected by school districts in a timely manner.
  • When the ESC is satisfied with the results of the data review, the district data files are flagged as complete by ESC and TEA personnel are notified as to the status of the data.
  • Turnaround reports are created and returned to the districts for review.
  • Upon review of the data, superintendent approval of the PEIMS data submission is sent to the ESC and to TEA. 

What's New?

What You Can Find on This Website

  • User Setup and User Documentation - Provides a checklist for EDIT+ system requirements and user access forms, .NET Installation and User Materials. 
  • Tech Tips - Provides instructional technical documentation for the experienced EDIT+ user, report reference, EDIT+   Release Letters, and user suggestions/comments.
  • PEIMS Data Standards - Provides a convenient link to the Data Standards and the collection schedules.   
  • TEASE Log On - Displays the TEASE Log On page for direct access to the EDIT+ application.  

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To contact Edit + Customer Support, please call (512) 463-9229, or email

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