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How Texas Identifies, Prevents and Recovers Dropouts


We are making progress and we know what works!

Fewer students are dropping out of school in Texas and more are graduating.

  • The grade 9 longitudinal dropout rate decreased from 9.4% for the class of 2009 to 7.3% for the class of 2010, and the actual number of dropouts declined by more than 5,800.
  • Out of 314,079 students in the class of 2010, 84.3% graduated, 7.2% continued in high school the year following their anticipated graduation, and 1.3% received General Educational Development (GED) certificates.
  • In less than two years, almost 1,300 previous dropouts have completed the requirements for graduation through innovative recovery strategies.

Texas is a recognized national leader in tackling the dropout problem.

  • Texas ranks 7th nationally in four-year graduation rates among 26 states that were reported to use the National Governors Association four-year, on-time graduation rate formula, which emphasizes using actual student data over estimates.
  • The state’s accountability system evaluates districts and schools based on their dropout and graduation rates.
  • Texas employs cutting-edge strategies to recover students who have previously dropped out.  

Texas implements proven research-based strategies. 

  • Learning environments are challenging and personalized for each student.   
  • Mentors are used as role models and advocates for students.   
  • Students who are behind in school receive academic support.
  • Data systems identify struggling students who need early intervention.   

Texas targets millions of state and federal dollars to reduce the number of dropouts and promote high school completion.  

  • In the 2010 - 2011 biennium, Texas allocated approximately $500 million in state and federal funding for dropout prevention and recovery initiatives.
  • In 2006, the Texas Legislature created the High School Allotment, approximately $335 million every year for dropout prevention and college readiness.
  • State investment has attracted millions of dollars in matching funds from private foundations.
Information on dropout prevention and recovery success in Texas: 
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