SBOE Officers, Committees, and Members


The governor, with the advice and consent of the senate, shall appoint the chair from among the membership of the board. The chair serves a term of two years.

At the board's first regular meeting after the election and qualification of new members, the board shall elect by separate votes a vice chair and a secretary.

The Committees on Instruction, School Finance/Permanent School Fund, and School Initiatives shall be composed of five members selected by the officers of the board. Each member will serve on one committee in addition to the Committee of the Full Board.  

Barbara Cargill, Chair
Thomas Ratliff
, Vice Chair
Mavis B. Knight, Secretary

Tom Maynard, Chair
Sue Melton-Malone, Vice Chair
Martha M. Dominguez
Geraldine Miller
Marisa B. Perez

Patricia Hardy, Chair
Lawrence A. Allen, Jr., Vice Chair
David Bradley
Ken Mercer
Thomas Ratliff

Donna Bahorich, Chair
Marty Rowley, Vice Chair
Barbara Cargill
Ruben Cortez, Jr.
Mavis B. Knight












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