Fiscal Year Start Date


School districts or charter schools may choose a fiscal year that begins on either July 1 or Sept. 1 of each year. A school fiscal year that begins July 1 will end on June 30 of the next calendar year. In lieu of making the change, districts or charter schools may continue the current fiscal year reporting period that begins on Sept. 1 and ends on Aug. 31 of the next calendar year.

If a school decides to change their fiscal year start date a Notification of Intent to Change the Fiscal Year Start Date form must be filed with the Texas Education Agency.  The form should be filed no later than June 30, one year before the new fiscal year start date.  In addition to the form, an approved copy of the School Board Minutes approving this change must be included. If the school district or charter school submits a form and then decides not to change or decides to change back to a Sept. 1 start date, a new form must be submitted.

Additional information can be found in the Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) §1.1.12 and Budgeting §2.10.2 modules in the Financial Accountability System Resource Guide and in the Texas Education Code (TEC) §44.0011.

Notification of Intent to Change the Fiscal Year Start Date form (PDF, 22 KB)  

Districts with a Fiscal Year Start Date of July 1st (PDF, 270 KB) 

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