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Charter schools, education service centers and school districts must submit a copy of the Annual Financial and Compliance Report (AFR) with accompanying audit reports in electronic format to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) no later than 150 days after the close of their respective fiscal year.

The AFR electronic submission consists of two parts with the first being the submission of an Adobe Acrobat© Portable Document Format (PDF) file. Instructions on this requirement can be found in the Electronic Reports Submission Standards. The second part is the submission of the GASB Audit Data Feed, which only applies to education service centers and school districts. Instructions for this portion of the submittal are specified in the Annual Financial Audit GASB Data Feed Standards.

Charter schools and school districts are also required to submit a district and at least two campus improvement plans if their state compensatory education allotment was more than a certain amount for the previous fiscal year. The improvement plans are to be submitted not later than the 150th day after the last day permissible to send data for the PEIMS data FINAL Midyear resubmission 2. Additional reports may also be required, refer to the State Compensatory Education module of the Financial Accountability System Resource Guide for more information.

Additional information can be found in the Data Collection and Reporting and the State Compensatory Education modules in the Financial Accountability System Resource Guide, Texas Administrative Code(TAC) §109.1 and the Texas Education Code (TEC) §44.008.

All of the above mentioned electronic reports are submitted through the Audit and Indirect Costs application in the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE). Refer to the appropriate link below to set up an account.

To The Administrator Addressed Correspondence:

November 8, 2013, Submitting the Annual Financial and Compliance Report and Data Feed, To The Administrator Correspondence   *IMPORTANT CHANGES*

September 24, 2012, Changes to the Annual Financial and Compliance Report Submission Requirements, To The Administrator Addressed Correspondence 


TEA Secure Environment (TEASE) applications:

Application for TEASE Audit Account - District Users: TEASE/TEAL Log On Page

Application for TEASE Audit Account - CPA only

Application for TEASE Audit Account - non TEA users except CPA



Electronic Reports Submission Standards (PDF, 1057KB)

Electronic Data Feed Standards for School Districts and Regional Education Service Centers (Word, 566KB) *Includes NEW FINALIZATION PROCEDURES*

Brief overview of Audit data feed finalization process *Includes Screen Shots*

The Electronic Data Feed Standards for School Districts and Regional Education Service Centers manual has been updated to include row changes and final submission procedures.  Overall the data mapping remains the same for the schedules. New row numbers 1700 and 2600 have been added to the A-1; and 1700, 1000a and 2600 to the C-1 schedules as a result of GASB 63.

Electronic Reports Public Viewer

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