NCLB Policy Guidance

    The following Policy Guidance documents provide direction for implementing NCLB programs. Guidance includes information on improving accountability and transparency, providing uniform and disaggregated graduation rates, creating parental notification for Supplemental Education Services, offering Public School Choice and more.  

    Title I, Part A  (PDF, 471KB)
           USDE Guidance on Uses of Title I, Part A Funds - ARRA  (PDF, 384KB)

           Title I, Part A ARRA FAQ (PDF, 113KB) provides frequently asked questions about Title I, Part A ARRA Stimulus Funding.

    Title I, Part C   (PDF, 92KB)

    Title I, Part D, Subpart 1   (PDF, 995KB)

    Title I, Part D, Subpart 2   (PDF, 818KB)

    Title II, Part A   (PDF, 424KB)

    Title II, Part D   (PDF, 41KB)

    Title III, Part A   (PDF, 61KB)

    Title IV, Part A   (PDF, 163KB)

    Title V, Part A   (PDF, 82KB)

    Title VI, Part A  (PDF, 25KB)

    Title VI, Part B, REAP   (PDF, KB)

    NCLB Highly Qualified (HQ) Teacher Requirements  

    Paraprofessional Requirements under Title I, Part A   

    Guidance Coordinating NCLB Program Funds into an RTI Model   (PDF, 90KB)


    For additional information, contact: 

    Division of NCLB Program Coordination
    1701 North Congress Avenue
    Austin, TX  78701


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