Migrant Identification & Recruitment (ID&R)

    Federal law requires that Texas identify and recruit every school-age child of eligible migrant parents residing in the state into the NCLB Title I, Part C Migrant Education program. For more information about this responsibility, click on the link below.

    ID&R Letter to Administrators from the Texas Education Agency  (PDF, 119KB)

    In Texas, migrant children and youth are identified and recruited for the Migrant Education Program (MEP) through an interview process conducted by a local school district recruiter. Because of the highly mobile nature of migratory work in agriculture, it is required that identification and recruitment be conducted beyond the campus and throughout the school district community.

    The Texas Manual for the Identification and Recruitment of Migrant Children provides basic information regarding the responsibilities that local recruiters have in the identification and recruitment of migrant children in Texas. This manual is a reference guide designed to help recruiters:

    • make proper eligibility decisions;
    • complete necessary documentation; and
    • support Educational Service Center (ESC) and Local Education Agency (LEA) quality control measures.

    You can download the manual and additional ID&R resources (such as the ID&R Plan and sample resources that you can save in Word format) by clicking on the link below:

    2013-2014 Texas Manual for the Identification and Recruitment of Migrant Children



    For additional information, contact:

    Curriculum Division
    1701 North Congress Avenue
    Austin, TX 78701-1401
    (512) 463-9581 


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