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Texas public high schools use the Texas Records Exchange System (TREx) to send student transcript information to colleges and universities through the University of Texas SPEEDE server.  TREx converts student data files in XML format into Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) files which are sent to the SPEEDE server.

College and Universities

College and Universities receive Student Transcript data from TREx in EDI format through the UT SPEEDE server.  Below are sample EDI files that can be used for testing purposes:

TREx to EDI Mapping 


EDI Files 
 Student File 1-  txt
 Student File 2-  txt
 Student File 3-  txt
 Student File 4-  txt
 Student File 5-  txt
 Student File 6-  txt
 Student File 7-  txt
 Student File 8-  txt
 Student File 9-  txt
 Student File 10-txt

High Schools

Student Data extracted from the high school's local Student Information System (SIS) are uploaded to TREx using XML fomrat.  Below are sample XML files that can be used for testing purposes:


XML Files 
 Student File 1-  xml
 Student File 2-  xml
 Student File 3-  xml
 Student File 4-  xml
 Student File 5-  xml
 Student File 6-  xml
 Student File 7-  xml
 Student File 8-  xml
 Student File 9-  xml
 Student File 10-xml


See the TREx testing process for Texas colleges and universities at:


Testing colleges should check the following before certifying a high school as ready:

  • Comparison of paper with (print out of) the corresponding electronic transcript - they should be equivalent.
  • All courses and grades are present, complete with tags (such as Honors or AP).
  • Middle school math and language which count for college credit are present.
  • Diploma track is carried.
  • Graduation is accurately carried - if it has taken place.
  • Rank/size/decile information is present.
  • TAKS information is included

Once testing is successful, the college registrar is responsible for updating the readiness status of both their institution and the testing high school on the UT SPEEDE Web site via email at regist@ediserver.reg.utexas.edu

If after testing, the school's name does not appear on the high school readiness list on the UT SPEEDE Web site, they should contact TEA TREx Support at:  TREx@tea.state.tx.us .  TEA will convey the information to UT.





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