Character Education


House Bill 946, passed by the 77th Texas Legislature, 2001, and signed into law by Governor Rick Perry, permits school districts to implement character education programs for students.

Programs offered under Texas Education Code §29.906 must meet the following criteria:
1) stress positive character traits as outlined in the bill
2) use integrated teaching strategies
3) be age appropriate

Districts are also required to consult with parents of students, educators, and members of the community, including community leaders, in selecting a character education program. The bill does not require or authorize the proselytization or indoctrination of any specific religious or political belief.

The Texas Education Agency is required to maintain a list of character education programs that meet the above criteria. Every year the Agency will designate each school that provides a program that meets the criteria and is approved by a committee as defined in the bill as a Character Plus School. 

Character Plus Schools

2009-2010 Character Plus Schools
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2005-2006 Character Plus Schools

2004-2005 Character Plus Schools (Listed Alphabetically by District)
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2003-2004 Character Plus Schools
2002-2003 Character Plus Schools
2001-2002 Character Plus Schools

Character Education Survey

The 2010-2011 Character Education survey is coming soon.

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