PID Detailed Discrepancy Errors


The UNIQUE-ID application database  is used to manage and store identifying information on students who are reported to TEA through PEIMS.  EDITPLUS provides an automatic process for demographic data in the UNIQUE-ID system to be synchronized with the  Person Identification Database (PID). When demographic data needs to be updated it is worth noting the difference between minor demographic discrepancies and major demographic discrepancies.

Minor Demographics

A minor demographic – (middle name, generation code, gender, race, ethnicity) discrepancy produces a report when there is a mismatch between a district's submitted record and the data that displays in PID and Unique-ID.  Students identified on this type of report do not generate a PID error, but are reported to help in the effort to clean up PID and Unique-ID.  These discrepancies do not count towards a district's overall PID Error Rate.

Major Demographics

A major demographic – (Texas  State Student Unique-ID, student ID, first name, last name, date of birth) discrepancy produces a report when there is an error between PID/ Unique-ID data and an enrolled student's demographic information contained in a 100/101 (student data) record.  The report contains error codes and error messages that districts must correct.  These errors count towards a district's overall PID Error Rate.                                                                            

Additional Detailed Information

The PEIMS EDITPLUS User Technical Documentation contains descriptions of PID discrepancy error messages as well as suggestions on how to correct PID errors.

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