EDIT+ User Setup


TEASE Request for Access (for PEIMS EDIT+, PID, PET, and SAF)

The TEASE Request for Access form is used for all EDIT+, PID, PET and SAF users to establish a Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) login ID and password for access to the EDIT+ application and subapplications.  The form is also used to establish general and special permisions within the EDIT+ user profile, SAF authority, and Alternate Agent IDs.

Note:  Some ESC PEIMS Coordinators have the authority to establish access to PID by setting permissions within the EDIT+ users profile.  This authority is granted thorugh the execution of a Memoradum of Understanding (MOU) with TEA Information Security.  If you are in a region that has an MOU with TEA, follow the instructions of your ESC for setting up EDIT+ user profile permissions. 

EDIT+ User Materials

PEIMS EDIT+ User Reference and Training Guide (Word 3.35MB)

PEIMS EDIT+ Administrator Reference and Training Guide (Word 5.69 MB)

PEIMS EDIT+ Table Downloads Reference (Word 1.32 MB)

PEIMS EDIT+ Quick Start Guide - Power Point® Slide Presentation (Word 1.37MB)

.NET Installation and Usage for EDIT+

What setup is necessary to send PEIMS data files using .NET software? 
.NET Framework software is required for sending PEIMS data files (and PET extract files).  The document, Technical Tips for .NET Installation and Usage, assists you with installing and troubleshooting the .NET software.  Please read through the document carefully and work with your Tech Support staff prior to contracting EDIT+ Customer Support.  You may find that these documents and your Tech Support staff are able to answer your questions.

EDIT+ System Requirements

What are the minimum system requirements for EDIT+?
Minimum system requirements necessary to run the PEIMS EDIT+ applicaiton using .NET are presented below.  Please contact the Tech Support staff at your office for questions you may have about your individual PC or network.

Minimum Processor / Memory:

  • Intel® Pentium® processor (or equivalent) 90 MHz or faster as required by the Microsoft® Windows® operating system
  • 96 MB or higher as required by the Windows operating system

Minimum Operating System:

  • Windows 7

Minimum Free Disk Space:

Sufficient local disk space must be provided for your PEIMS data files, the temporary compressed/encrypted files, and for the optional downloading of your PEIMS data file from EDIT+.

Basic Software Requirements:

  • Operating System:  Windows
  • Internet Browser:  Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7.0 (or higher) (IE versions higher than 7 also require a TEA provided patch)
  • Send Files:  Microsoft .NET Framework® 3.5 (or higher) (Also require a TEA provided patch)
  • TEA supplied Alternate Security Patch. See note above.
  • View Reports:  Adobe® Reader 5.0 (or higher)
  • Open Report Bundles/Zipped Files:  WinZip 8.0 (or higher)

Note:  Some software can be downloaded within EDIT+ by selecting the Click Here to Download Required Software link on the EDIT+ home page.  Please contact the Technical Support staff at your campus, district or region with any questions you may have about system requirements and software downloads. 





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